The Chirping Bird Sofia Olieveria:

Brazilian music has its own uniqueness and of course their singers are not some average singers. Among them Sofia Olieveria is a renowned name, who proved her worth by her beautiful soulful voice in Brazilian music industry. Music is a vast field, if you say some specific kind of music is only worth listening then you are highly wrong because everyone has their own taste in music.

Everyone respond differently to it. Some like strong vibrant music, while other like soft soulful. So, it is upon the listeners’ taste. Implementing your personal opinion on everyone is wrong. Now, many people would disagree with me that sofia olieveria is not a good singer, some would say she is in this industry only because of her looks and striking beauty, but you know what I argue with them over simple thing that judging someone over looks and appearance is disgusting.

I simply think such bums are just jealous type who doesn’t have anything productive to do so they spend their energy in spreading hate. You see, everyone has their own uniqueness and charm beyond his/her profession so we should respect them as fellow human beings.

Food for soul

In ancient times music was considered the food for soul. If you see ancient civilization, like many other aspects such as language, culture, dresses, music has its separate identity. Every civilization in history has its own special kind of music which maybe in form of rhymes or poetry or folk songs, but regardless of type every civilization has its own music.

As now a day’s rap music is in trend, but that doesn’t mean soft music is not in demand. So, in every time period music has its separate side and every type of music is always in demand as music is a stimulus to which everybody responds different.

Sofia Olieveria’s music has its own uniqueness to which her soulful voice polish further and turn into master pieces which no one can sing better than her. In such young age she is doing wonders with her work. She is a living proof that Brazilian music is not less than any other country’s music. With each passing year she is placing mile stones for new singers to overcome in such a young age.

The pace with which she is going the time is not far when she will represent Brazil in the world with her melodious voice. Though singing is a skill, but she polished it with her continuous hard work and proved her name in Brazilian music industry.

Beauty with Brains

It is usually thought that if someone is beautiful then he/she won’t be as such intelligent, but Sofia Olievier is the living example that you can expect beauty with brains. She is not just good with cinematography, but also writing, composing, and singing are her top skills.

In Brazilian music industry it is hard to find some gems type persons who are all rounder, but Sofia proved that she is truly an exceptional case and one of her own kind. Throughout the world, it is not uncommon to find young professional singers but they all lack in one aspect or another, so it is hard to find someone truly exceptional.

However, with her music, songs and works Sofia Olievier proved that still there are people like her in this world who are truly gifted and can do wonders with their work.

Hard line of profession

There is a common misconception that singers don’t have to do much work because they does singing only, but truth is like every other profession singers have to do so much to maintain their reputation. In fact singing is one of the most challenging professions because you have to bring something new every time you sing.

You have to bring ideas and create stories that can speak with listeners. Thus, it is a sort of one way communication that only singer has to direct that is why singing is one of the most challenging profession. Especially in today’s music industry people expect so much from singers. Nothing is personal for them. So it is a very hard line of profession because you have to compromise so much for your profession.

In the end I would just say singers are also humans like us, so we need to respect them like we want respect for ourselves from others.