Yellowed teeth are an oral problem that creates a very uncomfortable situation and damages people’s aesthetics, isn’t it? What few people know is that there are many treatment options that do not harm the teeth and bring an excellent result. For the best Teeth Whitening treatment prefers a dentist that has good working experience.

Thinking about it, this article is created, with 5 treatments for yellow teeth. In addition, you will find out what the main causes of the problem are and what can be done to prevent it. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn everything about the topic! Check out!

What types of treatment are most suitable?

As mentioned at the beginning, there are excellent treatment options for yellow teeth. Next, see 5 of them and find out which one is ideal for each case!

1. Whitening

It is one of the most used techniques in Sioux falls and it generates effective and lasting results. The basis of the Sioux falls teeth whitening is the administration of gels, with nitrogen peroxide, in adequate amounts. Still, there are new formulas, which use laser beams to improve the results and promote an abrasion of the tooth’s superficial layer.

2. Dental contact lens

Contact lenses are a very interesting option with an aesthetic appeal, since they are ultrafine laminates, which are glued to the external surface of the teeth. Hence the reason for the name, since they resemble eye contact lenses in this respect. 

Dental contact lenses are made of resin or porcelain veneer and their use should be analyzed by the dentist.

3. Porcelain sheets

Porcelain veneers are a quick way to achieve a beautiful smile and avoid the negative aspect of yellow teeth, as they consist of a thin porcelain blade, used to recreate the natural appearance of the teeth.

In addition, they are shaped to follow the contour of the teeth and glued on the enamel. Thus, the patient has access to a quick and practical product to correct yellowing cases.

4. Use of resins

Another existing option is resins, which are highly sought after by those who want to have a symmetrical and white smile. They are usually used to close small spaces between teeth, but they can also be applied to repair tooth enamel that is worn and yellowed.

5. Superficial abrasion (dental peeling)

Abrasion is a procedure that aims to remove stains on teeth, a very old treatment and consists of the application of abrasive substances to polish the dental surface until it is free of any impurity.

Finally, to avoid yellow teeth, always try to avoid acidic foods, maintain good oral hygiene and do not use tobacco. With these measures, it will be possible to maintain an excellent and beautiful smile. You should also see your dentist for regular cleanings instead of only going once in a while. Not only do you enable the yellowing of your teeth, but you also increase the risk of other oral issues happening too. If you are interested in learning more, book yourself a consultation to discuss teeth polishing by the dentist in Newmarket on.