You can read this entire article to find out if Scam and legit.

Are you searching for an online portal that offers covid test? Medlab 2020 is a website that offers covid testing. You want to learn more about Medlab and how to prove its authenticity?

In the United States, and in other countries, people have developed a routine where they check various details about websites before investing any money. Recent viewers have been asking questions about the Scam or legit portal.

Did Medlab Make Any Frauds in 2020?

While we didn’t find any scams in Medlab2020 however, after reviewing information from a popular review-giving web site, we found out that medlab2020 was online for two years and that they don’t follow the policy that they created.

Customers have had multiple problems with this platform and none of them recommend it for covid test. This website will be updated if we discover any more information regarding the Medlab2020 Fraud.

Medlab’s legality:

  • Medlab was founded on the 29th of July 2020. Since then, they have continued to operate their business.
  • Medlab 2020’s trust score is average. They have received only a 35% score.
  • Medlab 2020’s domain expires on 29 July 2023. However, it has plenty of time to be renewed.
  • Medlab developers have not developed social media accounts.
  • Customers can contact us using the contact form provided below.
  • We haven’t found any reviews from customers on Medlab portal. Medlab2020 Scam.
  • The website owner has not revealed any information about their motivation.


  • Developers of Medlab provide a number to call (714)-974-2020.
  • Medlab can be contacted by customers via email at
  • Social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook, are often missing.
  • Customers can visit Medlab Mon – Fri from 09:00 – 5:00. Saturday and Sunday appointments only.
  • SSL and HTTPS certification have been installed. It will assist customers in protecting their data.
  • Multiple payment methods like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa are available. Customers can pay with any one of these options.

PROS can provide information on the Mallab2020 Scam or legit.

  • Medlab employees behave decently
  • Covid testing is more affordable than other services.
  • Customers can pay using several payment options.

CONS Of Medlab 2020:

  • Medlab 2020 has not received proper instruction or management.
  • For covid testing to occur, you will need to ask several times.
  • Medlab’s privacy policy is complex.
  • The owner has not been identified.
  • It is a replacement website, and the original website received a lower score.

Links to Social Media:

Official site does not include any icon or link to social media.


After doing thorough research , we haven’t received any reports about any scams in Medlab2020. However many details are not available online so the trust score we checked is average. Most review websites recommend viewers verify all details before they book an appointment.