Are you ready to rid yourself of wrinkles Are you fed up with the moisturizers you have been using and are you looking for something better? Do you want an anti-aging moisturizer made from natural substances to help with wrinkles? To learn more, read this article.

Today we will discuss a brand of skincare and its products. Customers from all over the world, especially the United States would like to learn more about this portal. For more information, read on.

What does Medix 5.5 mean?

Medix5.5 is an online platform for electronic commerce that sells skincare under the same brand. This portal sells products to treat skin conditions like acne, wrinkles or dryness. Some items include repair cream, moisturizer, serum, etc. In this article we will concentrate on the antisagging retinol-cream.


  • Please review the specific characteristics of this product.
  • Product Name – Retinol + Ferulic Acid Anti-Sagging Treatment
  • Product Prices –$14.97
  • Product TypeCream
  • Key ingredients –Retinol. Black tea, chamomile. Shea butter.
  • Devoid Of –Parabens. Dyes. Alcohol. Talc. This might be an important point to make regarding the Medix.
  • Quantity15 liquid ounces


  • These are the benefits of this product.
  • The manufacturer stated that this product does NOT contain animal-related components.
  • This item contains aloe Vera, which is well-known for its skin rejuvenating properties.

  • Here are some unpleasant facts about this skincare product.
  • Retinol, one of the ingredients, is one of the most important components in this product. The skin may become reddening or itchy if users don’t know what to do. This is a vital fact about the Medix 5.5 Reviews. Before applying the Medix 5.5 to their entire skin, it is recommended that they test it first.
  • The product may not be free of fragrance. It could contain chemical substances that the manufacturer has not disclosed.
  • Customers could depend on this product to look young, which can be dangerous and unhealthy.

Is Medix 5.5 Legit?

We have given some details about the brand of this product to clarify its authenticity. You can read the Medix HTML5 Reviews section to decide if you want to purchase this item.

  • brand name – Medix
  • Website Age This website was created by the developers five years ago and nine months ago. It was built by the developers on 16th June 2016.
  • Brand Trust Scope– 59%. This represents an Average Trust Index.
  • Brand Ranking in Alexa-7,917,117. This is not an impressive ranking. Although this platform has been around for five year, its traffic is not as high as expected.
  • Customer Review We found reviews about this brand at various platforms. The most popular ones are YouTube and Amazon. YouTube reviews are the most positive. Amazon however has mixed 5.5 Reviews on this brand as well as its items.
  • Social Media Connections — We could not locate any social media link on this site.
  • Contact Information — Unfortunately, there are no contact details for the owners on the official site of the brand.
  • Misleading Policies – The brand’s portal lacks information regarding shipping and delivery, return policy, refund, etc. The web layout appears to only allow customers to add products to their cart.

With the above mentioned details in mind, we deemed this platform to be suspicious. We are unable, however, to confirm its legitimacy. Therefore we request that customers investigate it further.

Medix Reviews

These positive reviews are primarily about the effectiveness of this product. Customers have stated that they noticed a dramatic improvement in the condition of their skin after using this product. Customers were delighted to see the difference in their wrinkles and sagging.

While the negative reviews do not praise this product, they do highlight some of its shortcomings. One buyer posted a photo showing the skin he suffered from after applying this cream. Others suggested that the positive remarks may have been exaggerated as this product does nothing. This item’s smell has also been criticized.


The mixed Medix HTML5 5.5 Reviews leaves us doubtful of this product’s efficiency and authenticity. It also appears suspicious from what we have researched about the brand.