The Open Enrollment Period of Medicare began on the 15th of October 2021 and will run until the 7th of December in 2021. This is the time when the beneficiaries are able to select the Medicare plans that will be suitable for their needs. These plans will offer medical coverage until the year 2022.

However, AARP continuously warns the recipients to be vigilant of the scammers who target beneficiaries in the enrollment season. The scammers use unknown numbers to call the recipients and are committing fraud with the Medicare Helpline fraud..

The fraudsters are targeting victims across in the United States.

What is the New Medicare Helpline Fraud?

The brand new Medicare Helpline Fraud is the new scam targeting a lot of Medicare recipients all across the United States. The scammers are targeting the people who are concerned about their Medicare and health insurance.

In the last few days, since this year’s Open Enrollment Period for Medicare began the scammers have been calling randomly to beneficiaries on an unknown number and asking users to join insurance that promises no cost medical apparatus and medical supplies with the purchase of a Medicare number. Also read about Keto Strong diet!

They are scammers The beneficiaries are warned not to divulge their Medicare numbers with anyone who is not authorized.

What exactly is Medicare Helpline Scam Work?

Medicare Helpline Fraud is committed by calling Medicare beneficiaries in the open enrollment period (5th October to 7th December) and informing them to enroll in health insurance that will provide the use of medical devices and medical supplies to exchange their Medicare Number.

According to AARP, beneficiaries should not divulge the Medicate number or social Security Number. It serves as your bank account’s number as well as credit card number, and should not be shared with unauthorised phone callers. The fraudsters may offer this Medicare number to criminals, or use it to create false claims on their behalf.

The Medicare Helpline Scam The Medicare Helpline Scamtargets elderly people across America. AARP regularly warns its recipients not to divulge the Medicare Number with any unsolicited phone caller who has made an unwelcome request.

How to Identify Whether it is a Helpline Scam?

There are a variety of effective methods to spot scammers on helpline. Here are a few suggestions to follow to spot fraudsters and stay clear of the calls.

  • Medicare is a well-known insurance company that is a national one It will never call beneficiaries randomly to request their Medicare number for free testing kits, medical supplies or equipment. Therefore, you should stop receiving Medicare Helpline scam calls.
  • Medicare has the Open Enrollment period, during which the beneficiaries can choose their health insurance plan for the coming year without obligation. They won’t call them to recommend coverage plans.
  • Medicare won’t ever ask you for details about your personal or credit card information. Therefore, you should put the phone down when they request all of these information.


Medicare begins the enrollment period each year, to allow every beneficiary to pick their medical insurance coverage for the coming year. They do not call to recommend any particular plan and you should hang up without divulging any additional information should you get calls from Medicare Helpline. Medicare Helpline scam calls.

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