Have you ever wondered what it is like to gain education according to your own will and plan? Or rather, taking up a field of study that one wants to work in and, at the same time, do it in a location considered the hub of education?

Switzerland is known not simply for its aesthetically pleasing streets or scenic beauty. Rather, Switzerland is known better for the quality of life, education, and nature being of higher consideration. The country of Switzerland not just offers free education to students for a considerable age but is also of the highest stature. So much so that the education system of Switzerland is one of the best there is in the world. Though getting the said university of choice may be difficult, being a part of an esteemed organization is a leap to one’s career. 

Apart from its stunning scenery, Switzerland is renowned for its excellent health care system. And with the possibility of health insurance comparison, getting health insurance to cover your health care expenses has become relatively easier.

Education and Switzerland

Taking up medicine in a country like that is just as good of a deal. At the same time, it is highly appreciative of the stature, quality, and credibility when learning from the best in the world. 

Education for Ex-pats is just as easy, if not the same as that of the locals. Being able to take up higher education in a country like Switzerland for any international student especially, with the high living and other additional expenses may get worrisome. It is mainly due to government restrictions upon student eligibility for medical students. 

Medical schools in Switzerland

Healthcare holds a lot of importance in Switzerland and medical education aspirants have numerous opportunities in the country. Even the basic like health insurance comparison is important in Switzerland to ensure ex-pats are able to secure themselves with the cover that they feel is appropriate.  

Here are some Medical Schools in Switzerland for students from across the nation who wish to be a part of the Swiss Education System.

ETH-Zurich-Department of Health Sciences and Technology 

Inaugurated in the year 2012, the college aims to create stronger foundations when it comes to sustaining and improving human life quality. It is the development and help of learnings and technologies and their improvements in various fields, namely, industries and societies. Apart from the Health Sciences and Technology department, Biomedical Engineering, Food Science, and Human Medicine programs are available. 

Apart from some of the guidelines for enrollment, the students require a C1 level German fluency and are required to take up the national examination for a medical degree and residency training. 

The University of Zurich- Faculty of Medicine 

Established in 1833, the faculty has grown to be the biggest one in Switzerland, with 700 instructors for over 3000 students over time. The university is the best Medical College in the country and has earned a global ranking with reputed institutions globally. The university offers a six-year medical course. Three years into the study, the students receive a bachelor’s degree in human medicine. Post other formalities in the next three years, the students also receive the master’s degree. 

The University of Bern – Faculty of Medicine

As of 1834, there was a transition from an academy to a university. The faculty of medicine is laid forth along with the university of theology and law. The university, gradually, is now considered to be one of the best universities for medicine. Over time, they have improvised and re-established themselves as one of the largest organizations. It is also the best medical school in Switzerland, landing under the top 100 in 2021. With active faculties and high-end opportunities, it is the best in the school of medicine. It provides a six-year bachelor course in the German language and is structured and regulated by the Swiss Government. It has a strong focus on problem-solving, practical training, and skills during the course. 

The University of Basel- Medical Faculty 

Founded in the year 1460, the university received international recognition. After 500 years of studies, the university continues to bring global excellence to the market after landing in the top 100 Academic rankings in the world universities. The bachelor’s program lasts for three years and covers all the fundamental thesis requirements. Along with the same, it has a structured program course for the best understanding of the topic. Post which, the students are open to attempting the master’s degree. To get admissions for residency, the student must have a master’s degree and then be eligible for the Federal Medical Examination. 

With the country’s opportunities, Switzerland provides some of the best opportunities so far. Those above are some of the best colleges or universities that the country assures. These are the perfect examples of quality education amidst the world of many. Especially for international students, or ex-pats, opportunities to get into universities like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For those who wish to get in, always find a way. For what better way to ensure the career with the best colleges available, not just in the country but for everyone involved. Education and choosing your course of education is a fundamental right. They are provided to all but enjoyed by some.