Jewellery can be a girl’s best friend. Jewellery is also a great gift option. Numerous websites offer many options when it comes to jewellery. This also allows scammers and hackers to con people into believing their sites and purchasing fake jewellery.

The website we’ll be reviewing today is Measts From the United States. It sells jewellery. We will review Measts Reviews in detail to determine if they are genuine or scam.

A summary of the Measts Website

Measts is a popular online jewellery company in the United States. The prices range from $30.99 – $63.99 for jewellery and necklaces. The website was built in May 2022. This is a very recent development.

Because the prices can be so attractive, it is essential to check if it’s genuine or not. So, we decided that we would educate our readers by providing a detailed analysis of the website in order to determine If Measts Legit is a Scam. The detailed analysis is below.

Specifications Website

You can find the most important characteristics of the site here:

  • Website link –
  • Products Offerings – Necklace in Titanium Steel, Pearls, Alloy, Multi-layer Necklaces, Hip-Hop Necklaces, etc.
  • Contact number: Customer can reach us at (408)-647-5702
  • Email ID – Reach them at [email protected]
  • Newsletter – This newsletter is not available
  • Contact Address – 860 Conger Street, Eugene 97402, USA
  • Return Policy – Not Mentioned
  • Refund Period: Within 30 days after the date of return
  • Shipping Policy: 10 to 15 Business Days
  • Social Media – The page links for social media are broken

More Measts reviews

  • Modal Payment: PayPal, Credit Card
  • Shipping costs – $0
  • Delivery time: 10-15 business days

Pros for Measts Website

  • The website is connected to a secured HTTPS server
  • The website design has been simplified and is user-friendly
  • All the products come at a low price and are very affordable

The Cons of Teksavvy Website

  • The privacy policies have not been adequately described
  • It doesn’t look legit.
  • The correct refund and return policy has not been stated.
  • Social media pages are not working
  • The delivery policy, return and refund are not valid.

Are Measts Licensed ??

Every website must meet certain criteria to prove its authenticity. To verify authenticity, we took a quick peek at the requirements. Below are the requirements.

  • Social Media Links — The social media sites are broken
  • Customer Reviews – There are no customer reviews
  • Content Quality: The content quality is normal
  • Trust Score: The website scores just 27%.
  • Owner’s Information — Owner details are not available
  • Policies – All policies can be confusing and not disclosed.
  • Physical Address: Also, the provided address is not valid
  • Domain Age – This domain was created on the 18th of May 2022
  • Unrealistic Discounts

Measts Reviews How do customers respond?

Customer reviews provide insight into how customers feel about a product. It helps prove the authenticity of the site. Therefore, we decided that we would check the website for customer reviews. There are also no reviews on the website.

The website’s authenticity cannot be determined. However, the parameters suggest that the website may not be authentic. Further research is needed from the individual.

This Measts reviews proves that the website we are referring to is a fraud and not legitimate. To verify the legitimacy of the website, we recommend that users do their own research. Do you have any experience with being scammed by a creditor? Learn how to request a credit card reimbursement.

Please note: You can read the entire overview of this portal here. Before you make a purchase, do some research.

Final Conclusion

These parameters don’t favor the website. It has a trust score average of 27%. This is quite low. It was created just a few weeks ago. The domain was registered in May 2022. Furthermore, there are no customer reviews available on the site or the internet.

These are the parameters that can be used to prove that the website was a fraud and not legit.