Do you feel tired of being exposed to the windy, hot air? Would you like to save money on your air conditioning costs? This blog will give you Meaco 10k air conditioning unit reviews, as well as the truth about its operation.

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What’s a Meaco 10k air conditioning unit?

It is an affordable, portable air conditioner that can be used by anyone. The best environment for the device to work is a room that has been sealed and protected from sun rays. They can be used in bedrooms as pre-cooling before going to sleep.

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You don’t need to worry about space because you can use the Air conditioner at both work and home. It’s gentle on the environment as well as your electricity bills. The device is portable and eco-friendly.

This device can be controlled using a remote. It performs best when it is hot and humid. The product is approximately twenty-four kilograms in weight and consumes one thousand one hundred fourteen watts of power.

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Specifications For Meaco 10k AC Unit:

  • Product name: Meaco Cool MC Series 10000
  • Product Price: PS349.99
  • Cooling capacity: 100000 BTU/2.93kW
  • roduct weight: 24 kgs
  • Dimensions of the product: 701x350x348
  • Duct length: 15.9cm
  • Energy Rating A
  • Current/ Nominal 5A
  • Refrigerant: R290/200g
  • Maximum Airflow is 325m3/hour
  • The approximate room size is 18-28m2.
  • Low fan speed: Noise level 53dB(A).
  • Moisture Removal: 1.4 L
  • Power consumption: 1114 W
  • Power supply: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Modes: Cool/fan, dry, or sleep
  • Remote control included

Pros of Meaco’s 10k Air Conditioning Unit:

  • xploring Meaco Air Conditioning Unit Reviews: We found the device extremely portable and easy to move.
  • The device appears to be equally at home in the office and at home.
  • The product is available on Facebook
  • The product has received high ratings on the website
  • T features a sleep mode, timer and alarm functions
  • The device takes up very little space

The advantages of a portable air conditioner

Cons Of Meaco10k Air Conditioning Unit:

  • There are only two fan speeds on the device.
  • It is a bit loud.
  • The device’s weight is quite high.

Is Meaco Air Conditioning Unit Legit

Meaco 10k air conditioning reviews should be read carefully. We must verify our own product information and establish its legitimacy before reading.

  • The Meaco Air Conditioner is portable and takes up less room
  • There are no reviews for this product online.
  • The device is environmentally friendly and uses less electricity.
  • The device is intended for both home and business use.
  • This device might be a little too noisy for you
  • Two cooling fans included.
  • Facebook doesn’t allow comments or likes about the product.
  • As stated above, there are mixed opinions about its legitimacy based on the points made.

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Read Online Reviews of Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Units.

The Meaco 10k Air Conditioning device displays excellently its working and usage information online. It has all the attributes that every air conditioner needs.

The good points are not mentioned enough. However, the device is quite noisy and has no updates from the buyers. Only showing its presence on Facebook, the product received no comments or likes.


This write-up contains Meaco10k Air Conditioning Unit Reviews along with its technical specifications.

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