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Did you know about the recent McDonald’s fraud? You can find out more about it by reading the following details.

The scam is very common in the Philippines. They posted the scam messages on social networks and shared instant messages.

McDonalds 66th Anniversary Carnival Celebration scam stated that users would receive the desired gifts via the link. Many victims have been scammed by this link. Let’s find out more.

What’s the latest?

This story is about the McDonald’s fraud. The fraudsters posted the scam on social media, and even sent messages asking users to click the link. McDonald’s was giving some gifts to its users in celebration of its 66th anniversary.

The link was clicked and the recipients were given a $700 gift certificate. McDonald’s 66th anniversary Promomessage was sent mostly to users via Facebook, and many people have been caught in this trap. We also found that users who clicked the link did not go to McDonald’s, but to another site.

These sites will expire in 2022. They are scam sites users should avoid. We found that the scam messages ask users to share or send the link to others via WhatsApp or other social media.

Information about McDonalds’ 66th Anniversary Carnival Celebration.

  • Users receive messages via their Facebook page, or instant messages.
  • These messages persuade users to click on the link.
  • The program promises users gifts up to $700, but users must send these to others before they can receive them.
  • These messages are fraud messages and users should be aware of them.
  • The link doesn’t redirect to McDonald’s official website.
  • We also see that McDonald’s has already celebrated its anniversary.

Views by people on McDonalds 66th anniversary Promo message:

The users are getting promo messages through different social media platforms. This is because they are trying to trap people with their messages on social media. However, we see that users need to be aware of this so that they can avoid it in the future.

The bottom line:

We conclude that McDonald’s is not an anniversary and that the messages are fraudulent. Users should therefore avoid clicking on these links.

Keep up with the news and avoid McDonalds66th Anniversary Carnival Celebration fraud. Your personal information can be leaked if you click on these links.