Are you interested in experiencing the live availability of McDonald’s machines across the United States? Learn all the information in this post.

McDonald’s is among the top fast food chains that offer a wide variety of tasty products. It also serves meals to its customers based upon the location, so the menus of food differ between countries.

In this article we’ll inform you about a website that has provided assistance to many McDonald’s fans. This article is a must read on McBroken for more information about.

Briefing The Portal

After analyzing reliable sources, we found that this site tracks McDonald’s ice cream machines, making the public aware about their accessibility in real time. Additionally, it was officially created on the 22nd of October the year 2020.

As of the date when we wrote this article, we discovered that 10.54 percent of computers are currently damaged. Our analysis shows that the website has seen thousands of users since it was first launched.

If you’re wanting to know more about the website please read the details we have included below.

Important Details Of McBroken com

  • You’ll see a variety of points on the United States map when you visit the website.
  • The green dots indicate areas with ice cream machines that are operational. However the red dots show the absence of ice-cream machines.
  • It is possible to see the statistics data in percentages for precise details.

Let’s find out who came up with this portal and the reasons behind it in the upcoming sections.

Who Created It?

We have discovered that Rashiq Zahid is a software engineer and was the co-founder who designed it to make it easier for the McDonald fan’s hunt to find their ice creams. However, you may be wondering why he suddenly came up with McBroken the com? This is the reason why you will find out at the end of the paragraph.

Reasons For Its Creation

We found threads from his interview and discovered that one day in the summer the man was trying to get an McSundae. However, he couldn’t complete the order this time, and this incident affected his life in a significant way. Then, he developed an automated system and an API to help him assess the machine’s performance in different places.

To determine its exactness, he walked through about 1500 McDonald’s branches to check its accuracy. Then, he created the website and added distinct features after receiving favorable reviews.

What Are Consumers’ Thoughts?

The website was down earlier in the wake of it’s popularity, however in the following days, it improved. We also saw many positive public responses to the website on a conversion site where people have said that it’s an excellent idea.

We did however encounter one user’s reaction that said that the majority of McDonald’s Ice-cream machines were dirty but not damaged.

The Bottom Line

This article analyzed the essential information on a website that was developed by an engineer in software Rashiq Zahid. In addition, our study of the matter revealed that, through McBroken website customers were able to monitor the condition of McDonald’s ice cream machines. Additionally, we have gave the site’s key information to fully understand it.