Mathematics is both a beautiful and complex subject, where you can score in the range from 0 to 100. You must be thinking about why are we saying this? 

When you survey a group of students walking out of the schools, you would probably know the reason. However, due to Hybrid learning practices, students have also been taking their classes at home and are busy preparing for their board exams this month and April. Mathematics is a subject you will get many diversified answers from students. Some students think of this subject as the most important subject and also there will be students while you interact who hate this subject. But, what is it that makes this subject different from others?

 The subject requires logical reasoning and analytical skills to the fullest than any other subject, making students shy away. The subject is about continuous development and can only achieve by giving it the time it needs. 

These days, students and educators can make LMS and collect all the uploaded schedules and resources available from there. For other subjects, if you have noticed the resources, there are primarily notes and some questions from the previous year and solved papers. For the mathematics subject, you will probably find a practice set to practice topics that you feel require your attention the most. 

Also, as the board is near, students from class 10th are burning all their stamina and caliber to learn various complex proofs, theorems, and formulas that one needs to know before practicing sets like the one available at the School LMS platforms. 

Here, below we are giving a few tips or suggestions for you to give your preparation a booster shot, and it will also help you identify the problems within and encourage you to work in the right direction. 

Know what your syllabus For any exam or preparation, the first and foremost thing one needs to do are check and collect information about it properly. It will help them pave their way to set priorities on different topics or concepts that require particular attention time. 

  • Solve sample papers

For board exams, as they come just a few months before the entrance, the whole question pattern is different. Students are asked multiple-choice questions, and it is necessary for the students appearing on the board and in the entrance to leave practicing MCQs for just one month and focus more on subjecting long answer questions that come in board exam. The academic result for 12th is essential because the entrance will help you get some good colleges for further studies but, theoretical result there also is asked. 

  • Separate notes

Don’t mess with your resources and notes collected. It is advised to make two separate copies for theorems and formulas, which will help you learn things more organized. 

  • Start with easy problems 

Just because you know how to deal with the given set of questions, we won’t advise you to skip the simple problems in the sample papers in the beginning. 

The solution you will do for easy questions will help you memorize the basics of the chapter and help you further with the tough and lengthier ones. 

It is also equally good for your revision work.

Math is undoubtedly a complex subject, but your determination and dedication can make it the most straightforward subject. The only thing you must do with utmost honesty is practice after attending all your online or offline lectures, and continued practice is more encouraged. To skip something important might give you some extra time to enjoy, but it is not good for the future. 

At last, we would like to encourage all our readers who will appear from the boards this time, practice the sums, and revise properly to do their best at the exams.