Happy Matrimonial Alliance in Astrology is one of the holiest of all alliances in all cultures, especially in Indian marriages. India’s traditions and customs lay a huge emphasis on whether the stars align for two people’s upcoming nuptials.

And when it comes to finalising a marriage, astrology plays a major role in Indian society. Astrology is believed to be a crucial aspect of the success of a relationship. Nowadays, people somehow depends on compatibility Scorpio love horoscope when it comes to finding the perfect match for us

In Hindu society, it is a very common practice to do Kundli Milan or horoscope matching of prospective brides and grooms before proceeding with any step or process related to marriage.

So let’s learn more about why astrology is given so much importance in Indian marriages and why it is considered the key to harmonious matrimony.

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What exactly is a Kundli matching, and why is it important?

In Hindu custom, Kundli matching is essential for marriages. Kundli matching is the process to compare Kundlis of the prospective bride and groom to check their compatibility as per Vedic astrology.

Accurate matching of Kundlis is crucial for a happy, successful, and long-lived marital relationship in Hindu tradition.

By analysing the horoscope, many aspects of the marriage can be determined. It is traditionally believed that the planet Venus indicates the groom in a horoscope, and Jupiter indicates the bride in a horoscope.

There are 36 Gunas in astrology that are studied to identify the compatibility of a couple. For those who don’t know what Guna is, they are nothing but the marks or points that are considered by analysing the birth charts of the bride and groom to check how compatible they are.

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According to Vedic astrology, the higher the compatibility of the Gunas, the higher is the probability that the bride and groom will lead a happy marriage.

Does horoscope matching guarantee a successful marriage?

Horoscope matching is a crucial way to know the compatibility level between the bride and the groom, whether it is an arranged marriage or a love marriage. Detailed matchmaking based on the respective birth charts of two people can certainly lay the foundation of a successful marriage. It can tell you the compatibility between you and your partner on an in-depth and every level. 

Is astrology in marriage important for its success?

Whenever a marriage is being fixed, it is important to do a thorough analysis of horoscopes. This aims at understanding accurately the ‘doshas’ or planetary flaws that might exist in a prospective relationship. 

Some of the most common doshas in astrology are – Mangal Dosha, also known as Kuja Dosha, Rahu Dosha, and Sarpa Dosha. There are a few other doshas that can impact the horoscopes of the two individuals.

You can get more information about the doshas in your horoscope from an experienced astrologer on a trusted online astrology chat app such as Astroyogi.

Even if there is a dosha in your horoscopes, this can be taken care of by consulting an astrologer. Moreover, horoscope matching also plays a crucial role in warning and preparing a couple for the challenges they might face in their married lives.

To sum it up, Kundli matching does play a significant role in determining the success of a marital relationship as per Vedic astrology. There are several factors when two horoscopes may not have the desired match score.

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