Many beverages that people love to drink, whether at the bar or at home, have one common ingredient — vodka. True to its etymology, where the word means water, this transparent and odourless substance makes it the best base that goes well with mixes.

With so many brands in the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Learn these simple hacks, and you’ll be buying this fermented liquid like a pro.

The Right Way To Do It

Most alcohol companies distil their products several times. This process is usually indicated on the label. It is one of the indicators that show its quality. The higher number of distillations, the cleaner the liquid is. 

The number of distillations is what consumers usually pay for. When you get the cheaper substance, the smoothness is compromised. You’ll have a burning sensation in your throat when you drink it. For labels that cost more, several distillation procedures were involved, making it taste and feel better.

Take Note Of The Varying Tastes

Even if it is almost tasteless, a vodka lover can still notice the difference in taste. Several vodkas provide a unique taste. It can be oily and strong, while others can be herbal and smooth. The flavour difference is not bad. It all boils down to the drinker’s preference.

Nowadays, flavoured vodkas are starting to gain popularity. They have these exciting flavours — tobacco, meaty, or the much-preferred fruity ones. If you’re a trained bartender or a mixed drink aficionado, you’ll surely love to create something special using one of these flavours.

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Always Buy It From The Liquor Store

The ideal place to get your alcoholic distilled drinks is from a credible liquor store. This place specialises in wine, spirits, and other similar substances. Staff is well-trained to recommend and give further information about their products. It is like you are speaking to an expert when buying from them.

Shops also have a wide range of variants, from the classics to their flavoured counterparts. Running out of options will not happen if you buy from liquor shops. Hence, heavy drinkers and bar owners only buy from them.

Remember The Good Brands

Like when buying a bag or clothes, brands are important. Vodka drinkers probably have preferred brands that they like to drink. Some labels may release new flavours, and you can try them if you’re up for something new. Suppose you have a trusted producer; better stick to them since you will be guaranteed a good quality product.

On the other hand, if you have discovered a totally new name in the market, make sure to do some reading. Get as much information from the sticker on the bottle. You can also ask the seller, and they’ll be willing to give you more details about it.

Have A Taste Test

One of the advantages of buying from a liquor store is that you can request a taste test. If you’re still doubtful after reading all the info, the next best thing is to try it. A credible alcohol shop will have ready samples should their customers like to have one.