Are you excited to buy Mystery Boxes from the “The Amazing Mystery Box” shopping site? Check out Mason New Mystery Box review.

Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding or family gathering, people love to receive gifts and surprises. The amazing Mystery box was presented at Comic-Con London in October 2015. It offers secretly packed gift boxes that usually contain games, toys, clothes and much more. Trends in gift giving at small events are very popular in the United States. Now, such activities are spreading also in neighboring countries.

But you gotta want to know what’s inside the mysterious box? Is this e-shop real to spend our money? Leave your tension right here as this article has the exact answers to your real question. Make sure you are on the site. Let’s start with the introduction.

What’s in the Amazing Mystery Box?

The amazing Mystery box is sister company Langleys Toys. It was launched in 1883 and offered many items for games, toys or clothing. In the United States, it is gaining immense popularity.

Mason New Mystery Box Review states that the website supports a subscription service. If you opt for a box for £ 24.99 you will receive fully licensed garments such as unisex garments and two important items that can be action figure including bags etc.

You will have access to mugs, books, notebooks and audiobook related products in the add-on service. The company also offers several innovative products such as key chains, pens, gift cards and more. Lets you select an item that can be changed while subscribing.

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Surprised? But it doesn’t stop there. This is much more audible in the Mason New Mystery Box review.


• Website URL:

• Domain creation date: 10/12/2016

• Product: gifts (clothes, games, toys or stationery)

• Delivery time: mid-month; from 18 to 20.

• Shipping Mode: All packages are shipped via Royal Mail, UPS or a recognized courier service.

• Physical Store Address: Has four stores as mentioned on the official website

• Payment: PAYPAL and card payments.

• E-mail:

• Telephone number: + 44 (0) 1442 259 612

The amazing Mystery box has fantastic benefits and a few negatives. Take your time with your purchase before reading until the end of the Mason New Mystery Box review.

Pros of buying from The Amazing MysteryBox

• Provides great gifts for your loved ones at an average price.

• Allows you to select products as you wish.

• Her garment includes unisex t-shirts.

• Game items are popular and unique, hard to find on other e-commerce sites.

Cons of Buying at The Amazing MysteryBox

• Purchasing opportunities are much smaller.

• Subscription services are available at high cost.

• The Mystery Boxes are sold at a high price.

• Delivery time is too long according to Mason New Mystery Box review.

Is Amazing Mystery Box legal?

In order to verify the legality of a website, the following points should be considered. If it meets the criteria, it means the site is genuine; otherwise it is suspicious. Let’s find out about it:

• Domain Age: This e-commerce online shopping portal was launched on 10-12-2016. This means that they have been selling products for the last four years.

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• Owner or team member details: The online store hides complete information about the owner or team member details.

• Social Media Appearance: Has an official Facebook page. But he has very few fans on the internet.

• Customer Review: The site does not contain customer reviews. Facebook has average ratings and reviews. Buyers have posted mixed reviews.

• Return / Exchange Policy: We are unable to locate details of returns or exchanges. The site does not disclose detailed information about him.

Therefore, we cannot declare the website legal or not. So. It is recommended to research carefully before making a purchasing decision.

What about the Mason New Mystery Box review?

Based on several reviews collected from the official Facebook page, people are very satisfied with the products. They praised the items contained in the boxes. The gaming gear is great inside. Shipping was fast as well.

Some of them posted complaints about the company’s customer service because they didn’t respond to their emails. We found that the company actively responds to user comments on social media.


Based on the Mason New Mystery Box review, we advise our readers to go through further research and go through all customer reviews to get a positive result if they wish to purchase products from there.


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