Online searches for Masker Kf94 Bisa Dicuci are increasing. People in Indonesia flock to the internet to learn about the attributes of the KF94 mask and whether it is disposable or not.

In addition, more and more people are choosing this mask considering the different features. The mask is available online and offline where users can purchase it at reasonable prices.

If you are also someone who is looking for what makes the mask different, this article will definitely help you. Read the entire article from start to finish so you don’t miss out on important information.

What is Masker Kf94 Bisa Dicuci?

The KF94 masks are South Korean masks that are the equivalent of the N95 masks. The KF in KF94 stands for Korean Filter, while 94 emphasizes that it is 94% effective and efficient at filtering out airborne particles according to South Korean government standards. However, Kf94 masks are not yet FDA-approved for emergency use.

In addition, it is believed that a viable option to modernize key workers who are constantly surrounded by society. However, people want to know if the Masker Kf94 Bisa Dicuci can be reused or thrown away after one use.

To know this, let’s check out its other attributes.

What is the KF94 mask made of?

The KF94 mask is made of a non-woven polypropylene filter, polyethylene terephthalate which is used for its head strap, and polyethylene. It is primarily used to block the transport of large droplets of particles from passing through the mouth and nose.

Additionally, it also helps to limit the spread of airway secretions and saliva to other people. The mask is made in South Korea.

Is it reusable or not?

People all over the world and in Indonesia are searching the Internet to find out if the Masker Kf94 Bisa Dicuci is a disposable mask. However, it is advised not to wash it, and instead it can be thrown away after one use.

Features of the KF94 mask

Let’s look at some of the features of the KF94 masks:

• The mask consists of side flaps that shape the user’s face and limit the access of unfiltered air.

• It consists of ear loops instead of elastic bands.

• It is made of polyethylene and is for single use only, which should be thrown away after one use.

Conclusion – a disposable mask with 94% efficiency

The Kf94 Bisa Dicuci mask is considered to be 94% effective and helps block larger particles from entering our respiratory system. Besides, it is easy to wear and made of polyethylene and can be thrown away after one use.

The added function of an earloop instead of a headband made it a cost effective option for users who find it easy and comfortable to wear.

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