Do you enjoy wearing hoodies in your wardrobe? If so, you’re very welcome to join us in this review session . We will look at the credibility of the site here.

We have taken the decision to share with our readers the internet website that sells hoodies to males. The site is where customers will be able to find a wide selection of printed Hoodies for sale at an affordable price. In addition, some customers from in the United States are looking around the website. They are keen to know more about its authenticity as the website was just launched and claims to provide top quality goods at bargain costs.

So, let’s take a look here in the Masixshop Review to learn more about what the purpose behind the website.

The Masixshop Experience Masixshop

The information provided under the website’s “about us “page states that the site’s main goal is to provide top quality clothes to customers, and make memories for the customers. Additionally, you can find only a few hoodies available on the website as the website is committed to quality and claims that they only sell hand-picked items.

Additionally, all Hoodies are sold at the same cost of $20.99 just. Furthermore the hoodies come in various colors like navy, black, white blue, purple, and so on.

But, the dashboard and other data appear copied from other fraud websites since they have utilized the same interface for users. Therefore, we suggest that prospective buyers thoroughly investigate the legitimacy of Masixshop. Masixshop legitimate and if it is not.

The terms of the agreement for Masixshop?

  • Official website link-
  • Return and exchange of the product within 30 days of receiving the product
  • Payment options: VISA, PayPal, DISCOVER, American Express, and Diners Club
  • Newsletter – Provided
  • Social media links- Not mentioned
  • Products- Hoodies
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Phone number: +1 929-599-5159
  • Validity of refunds- Estimated time 3-7 business days
  • Delivery fee: Shipping is free on all purchases
  • Physical address: 311 Bement Ave, Staten Island, NY 10310, United States
  • The shipping timeframe is 5 to 7 business days
  • Domain creation date-29/05/2021

Let’s look over these Masixshop Review to learn more about the website.

What’s the benefits of purchasing through Masixshop?

  • Delivery is free for any purchase.
  • The website has an enlightened return and refund policy.
  • It includes the company address, contact phone number, and email address.
  • The URL of the site is SSL secured.

What’s the negatives of purchasing through Masixshop?

  • The customer has not shared their opinions via the website.
  • The website isn’t having any presence on social media websites.
  • All of the products are offered at the same price.
  • The dashboard seems derivative.

Is Masixshop Legit?

In this section we’ve provided all the necessary information to check and verify in determining the legitimacy of the site. In the same way, no online site is safe these days because the amount of online fraud is rapidly increasing. So, customers should do their research thoroughly to determine the true motives behind the website.

In the next section we have defined the various parameters that require study.

  • Domain creation date – The site’s domain is just a few months old as it was first created on 29/05/2021.
  • Alexa rank – The website’s Alexa rank is 3703065.
  • Customer feedback – The buyers have not posted any Masixshop reviews in the website or any other comments posted online.
  • Social media sites- No social media pages are found on the official website. We have not discovered any websites during our investigation.
  • Domain name expiration date: The domain name of the website will expire on the 29th of May, 2022.
  • Trust rank: The site has achieved a higher than the average Trust rank which is 65.9/100.
  • Originality of address: The address of the company is a copy.
  • Trust score – The site’s trust score is low as it is only the lowest score of 2 percent.
  • Quality of contentWe are dissatisfied by the content we have published since it’s a complete plagiarization.

What is the buyers’ Masixshop Reviews?

We’ve done a thorough search to find out the remarks of the customer. We were unable to find any information on the company’s official website or from the web-based portals. Furthermore, the review sites such as Trustpilot are also not working.

Furthermore, it is recommended to wait for real feedback to come in.

the Final Verdict

Additionally it is true that the website has not achieved any traction in the online market neither has any of its customers offered their opinion to prove the validity of the site.

Thus, users should be vigilant before taking any call to action. Additionally, they should read through the Masixshop reviews or assessments.