I can be late for events at times (my bad – *sighing*). I hurriedly opened up the door to the hall where everyone from my family was gathered for our bi-annual Eid meet-up. The memory is vivid yet the reel of the story gets played in slow-mo whenever I think back on it. I clench the handle of the door and push it open and all I could see was a room full of people staring at me. At first, I thought I am screwed for showing up a tad late but it took me by surprise that I was looking THAT beautiful in my suit by Maryam Hussain. Who could have thought that my hurried purchase was the best decision I could have made. 

 Eid is always close to my heart and looking my best is crucial. Time was running short and landing on Maryam Hussain outfits kept me occupied for a good 40 to 60 minutes. Choosing what not to buy was honestly real tough on me but for the first day of Eid, I finally picked a vibrant yellow shalwar kameez that had an embroidered front, hand appliquéd sheesha sleeves, and a silk dupatta. My sister and I wanted to twin up but I got the last piece (yay) and Hira (my sister) had a long face for quite some time.

All this happened last year and now my eyes are glued to the notification pop-up that Maryam Hussain Eid Festive Lawn 2021 is available. The breathtaking designs, vibrant colours, and intricate embroidery are some of the many things that the collection has to offer. Whether it be chiffli laces or dyed plan sleeves, hand-printed work, or sequined panels – the finishing is extraordinary and gives everyone an “O wow” exclamation. This collection is an emblem of fine craftsmanship. It offers exactly what the customer is looking for and don’t tell me I didn’t warn you but you do end up loading your cart more than initially planned. 

 I love the fact that the collection gets connected with people of all ages so the entire family can shop at one place with ease and convenience. The quality is superb and the fabric touches the skins delicately giving you a feel of comfort all day long. Many of my friends and family members have also considered fashioning in Maryam Hussain and may I say I have been thanked BIG TIME for them all. 

The advice I can give to all you lovely ladies is to not forget the chance of selecting the best and looking your most admirable version. You can thank me later on this.  Keep visiting LAAM PK to stay updated with the latest fashion trends and buy clothes online.