Marx Cards Inc. is a company based in the United States that authenticates and grades the sports cards of customers. This company is one of the most well-respected and established. The scam being perpetrated against many cardholders has made the company infamous.

Many videos and posts on social media confirm that the company has committed fraud against the Raw Sports Card Holders. Their cards were secured at PSA, and they will not be released until customers pay off.

Let’s find out more about Marx Card Scam.

What are Marx cards?

Marx Cards Inc was established by Michael Minjares and Kevin Minjares. The company is located within the United States. The company’s mission is to assist customers in getting their sports cards graded and authenticated through a reliable authentication and-grading company, PSA.

PSA is the most trusted, largest third-party authentication and trading card grading firm. It is responsible for authenticating and certifying cards and collectibles that have been cumulatively declared with ratings and prices.

The card scam involving Raw Card Holders is what has brought the company to the forefront.

Marx Cards Scam- What It Is!

Marx Cards is the third party card submitter and authorized PSA dealer. This company is responsible for getting the customer’s cards ready for grading, and dropping them off at PSA.

PSA charges their grading fees after they have graded the card, and not on the receipt. Marx Cards, however, charges the customers upfront to grade and authenticate their cards. The scam claims that Marx Cards have not paid the PSA fees despite being paid upfront for orders.

So, people want more information about the new Marx Cards Scand . However, there is not enough detail from the company and the site is down. This has sparked curiosity.

How do people react to the Scam?

Raw Cardholders have been curious and anxious since many people reported the scam on social networks and videos. Because their website is down, the Raw Cardholders reported the scam on their official Facebook page.

Additionally, the biggest customer of the company has also reported on the Marx Cards Scam.

People are discussing the scam. They want to know how to return the card that PSA has blocked. PSA won’t release the cards until they pay their fees. You may find more information about the scam by looking at the comments and reviews.


Marx Cards is third-party card submitter. They also act as PSA’s authorized dealer. This helps customers to get their cards authenticated and graded. However, they recently made headlines for their ability to collect money upfront and not pay PSA fees. PSA blocked and refused to return the cards until they paid their fees.

Many cards were taken from victims of the Marx Cards scam. Now, people are anxious about how to retrieve their cards. You must be alert to the scam and learn tips on how to protect yourself against a scam.