Many people Worldwide like to read novels. Even though their lives are busy, many people enjoy reading novels. They can provide information that is not available to us.

Do you love Chinese novels? Martial peak has been mentioned. If so, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss Martial Peak .

What does Martial Peak mean?

Martial Peak, a comic novel, was released in 2013. Momo was the author. Many characters are featured in the novel. It is a story of adventure, action as well as martial arts, live-action and Harem. A few years after its release, the novel became very popular. It is currently ranked at 49. It is loved by many people around the world. This novel can also be found in English on many websites.

The story centers on survival and persistence to become the strongest. Yang Kai is our main character. He found a blackbook one day that opened the door to his path to mastering martial arts. The novel contains 6009 chapters. Martial Peak 184 is one the most interesting chapters.

Main character

Yang Kai is the main protagonist of the story. Yang Kai was an insecure teenager, but after his cultivation, he has become a more composed and peaceful man. Yang kai does not appear arrogant. Yang kai is instead viewed as confident and calm. He shows love and compassion for his loved ones, friends, and family.

He has black hair and eyes. He is part of the golden dragon race. Yang kai started out as a sweeper and then he received a blackbook. After he received the blackbook, he was a sweeper until he found a way to reach martial peaks. The story starts here.

Martial Peak 1874

Martial Peaks has 6009 chapters. They are all released on a certain date. One chapter is Chapter 1874-Kuang shi Zong. It was released on April 13, 2021. The chapter’s opening is extremely exciting.

The story opens with many purple city star stars feeling shaken after witnessing a great battle against the sky. They are all very anxious. Most people did not know that there was anything going on. Some cultivators made a backstep and others went straight to the fight to the end. Martial Peak 1874 seems like a suspicious chapter.


The Martial Peak can be found in the previous paragraphs. The novel has many other fascinating characters.