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Since the introduction in high-speed Internet connections the activities on platforms online have grown. Not only have gaming websites online and shopping sites gained a lot of interest, but at the same time the popularity of online novels has grown too.

This article will focus on one of these online novels called Martial Peak. Martial Peak and its most popular chapter, Martial Peak 1524 ,which has become the most popular chapter across the globe..

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A brief introduction to Martial Peak Novel

Martial Peak is one of the most talked about and currently in the process of being a Chinese novel with more than 6000 chapters. The novel is based on the subject of an Chinese fantasy novel written by the author Momo. This novel is currently translating through the Divine Dao Library.

This book is on the list of China’s most read stories and is included in the Top 10 lists. The book received about 50 million views and was atop the charts in June 2014. The most popular chapters it is Martial Peak, Chapter 1524. The novel also remained in the top chart of lists for July 2015 and is among of the most popular phones-based novels that are on the internet.

Summary of the Martial Peak Novel

The Martial Peak novel portrays the difficult journey to becoming the martial peak which is defined as lonely, solitary and a long, arduous journey in the novel. To make it through this challenging journey, one has to face every challenge to stay alive and be unshakeable. It is essential to pass the high heavens test in the pavilion and follow all rules of discipline with the utmost dedication to be prepared to go on the adventure.

Description for Martial Peak Chapter 1524

The novel about the martial peak tells the story to Kai Yang, a lowly sweeper who got the black book that caused him to embark to the direction of the Martial World to attain the Peak. Chapter 1524 in Martial Peak is titled “You Don’t Need To Know,” The chapter is comprised of Ye Xi Yun’s tale of return.

Ye Xi Yun Ye Xi Yun is senior sister Ye who appeared in the past 100 years. She claimed that she was forced to remain and live in seclusion for the past 100 years. Ye Xi Yun was considered the most powerful Master in the world of Shadowed Star, and now her power is believed to be higher after one hundred years.

What’s special about the chapter of Martial Peak 1524 Chapter ?

Following Ye Xi Yun’s return Ye Xi Yun, everyone that was present at Star Emperor Mountain thought could be no better placed to the Master Sect place than she did. While Ye Xi Yun had the command for Star Emperor Mountain, the cultivating environment was far superior to the present.

It is also believed to be the most powerful of all Third order Realm masters of the Third. This story generated enthusiasm among the people who read it and made chapter 1524 the most popular chapter.


The entire Novel of Martial Peak is considered to be overwhelming and readers are totally addicted to the entire book, as well. Martial Peak 1524 numbered chapter is one of the most popular chapters. The 1524th chapter has tension about Ye Xi’s return and the reason she was absent for so long?

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