Are you interested in t-shirts? Hoodies? Trousers? We’ve heard of a website that offers printed t-shirts and trousers as well as tracksuits, tracksuits, and many other items. You can read our post to learn more about this website. Marjoryy sells apparel, accessories on this website. It is popular in the United United, as well.

So you’ll only see important details about the site and the legitimacy factors throughout the Reviews post. Do not make any mistakes. Please read our website review.

A Short Introduction to Marjoryy Website

Marjoryy is an online e-commerce platform that was founded almost one year ago in 2020. This website sells both women’s and men’s clothing, accessories. They sell mainly t-shirts. Aside from these, they also offer accessories. They have also offered discounts. This company is almost one year old and does not have any information about its founder.

If you’re not satisfied with this information, don’t worry. There are more things to discuss. To find out Marjoryy Legit, we will now review their specifications.

Specifications by Marjoryy

  • Website Founding Date- On 2020/09/03, the website was founded 1.5 years earlier.
  • Modal Payment-This website allows you to pay with different types of payment like Amex, Apple Pay MasterCard, PayPal, Visa and so on.
  • Website Link- the website address is
  • Products Offered-T-Shirts, trousers, hoodies, jackets, tracksuits, accessories etc.
  • Shipping & Delivery-Shipping takes from 8 to 30 days.
  • Return Policy – Products can only be returned within 30 Days.
  • Return Policy- Within 7-15 Days, refunds will reach the original payment method.
  • Newsletter There is no newsletter on this website.
  • Location- There is no physical address.
  • Contact No – Search via Review. Contact no is unknown.
  • Email Address- connect via [email protected]
  • Company Exchange Policy-Company referred to exchange policies on the portal.

Next, let’s discuss the pros and con of Marjoryy’s website.

Pros from Marjoryy Website

  • The website is older than 1.5 years.
  • The Url names and Portal names are the same.
  • The HTTPS protocol provides security for the website.
  • You can avail discounts

Cons Of Marjoryy Website

  • The site doesn’t have a newsletter.
  • The website provides contact details for all.
  • No social media exists.
  • The website has been in existence for 1.5 years. However, not one customer review has been published.

Is Marjoryy Legit? OR A Scam

Let’s take a look at the legitimacy aspects of this site in order to see if they are a real site or if they are just another fake site.

  • Expiration date of the Portal- Website will be terminated at 2022/09/02 which is just six months later.
  • Specials and Deals
  • Content Quality – They have no about us content that is plagiarism.
  • Address authenticity- Sorry, no address is available.
  • Owner ID-Owner details not provided
  • Social Media Accounts- Not a single social media account exists.
  • Policies All policies are accessible.
  • Customer Comments- It was not possible to find customer feedback.
  • Trust Scoring-Check via Reviews. The Trust Score is only 60%. This is not a great score.
  • Trust rank- This rank is very high and is called a trust rank.
  • Domain creation date- Website created on 2020/09/03.

Customer Review

Online sources indicate that there is no customer feedback. TrustPilot has no customer reviews, making it one of the most trusted review sites. As such, there is no article-based evaluation. However, there are some evaluations. As the website approaches its 2nd anniversary, it should have reviews. But there are none. You can request a PayPal refund by visiting Marjoryy. Marjoryy, which sells clothes , has a 1.5-year-old website. It does not have a social presence nor an owner. This makes it opaque.

The Bottom Line

We found that the site has a low trust score and that the company address is not available. It lacks reviews from customers. After looking at this website, we can tell that it looks suspicious. We recommend doing your research before making a purchase.