Are you aware of the latest Kim Kardashian news? What happened to her dress at Met Gala 2022, do you know? Met Gala 2022 represented the largest fashion event and attracted attention from countries like AustraliaUnited Kingdom and Canada.

Many personalities display their creativity during this event. Kim ends up in serious trouble following this event. Keep reading this Marilyn Monroe2022-Dress article to learn more.

News Related To The Dress

We found out that Kim Kardashian had borrowed Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress to attend the Met Gala this year. Our investigation revealed that she borrowed the dress from Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Franchise. But netizens especially from the United Statesand India are disappointed with its after and before photos.

According to sources, The Marilyn Monroe Collection shared photos of the dress on Instagram. It had some missing crystals and was showing loose threads from Kim’s Met Gala use. Let’s talk about the dress.

History Of The Marilyn Monroe Iconic Costume

According to reliable sources, Marilyn Monroe wore this outfit on 19 May 1962. Jean Louis designed the outfit. Additionally, the dress was worn by Monroe to a charity function where she sang Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not in 2016 purchased the dress for $4.8 million. Team. When we examined the dress details, we discovered a thread suggesting that it is an elegant ensemble over which approximately 2,000 handcrafted crystals have been placed to create a premium appearance. However, Kim wore Marilyn Monroe Iconic Wear. Many individuals raised concerns about the dress being damaged. Please read the following passage if you wish to see more details about this topic.

Other Information

The users posted after-before photos of the outfit online and claimed Kim had damaged it after she wore them at the Met Gala. However, according to threads, the dress was taken on a long journey and managed by several guards. The gown was watched over by the executives, even as Kim took photos.

We also found the Marilyn Monroestrings. We discovered that she claimed that she has lost approximately 16 pounds to get the outfit on her. The pictures have caused a lot of upset among users. However, Kim or the franchise have not yet commented on the buzz.

In this post we present the latest news regarding Kim Kardashian. It is claimed that she has damaged the iconic dress look. This is not a comment and we only serve the Marilyn Monroe2022 dress threads.