Outdoor breeding of marijuana seeds is one of the most lucrative and low-cost demanding merges of panting marijuana. This is because they get to enjoy the natural sunlight and the rewarding warm weather necessary for seedling and the plant’s maturation. However, the success of growing outdoor is all dependent on the strain you choose. Therefore, when planning on outdoor marijuana farming, it is necessary to ensure you get the best hybrid strains favorable to the outdoor climate.

This article discusses the strains that are best at growing outdoors.

  1. Frisian Dew 

This is one of the best outdoor strains that originate from the Dutch. She is dependable and handles the cold, gloomy summers in northern Europe admirably. Frisian Dew is typically ready for harvest in the Northern Hemisphere around the end of September or early October (March/April in the Southern Hemisphere). Moreover, she is an excellent purple color that can be used by people seeking health benefits.

  1. Think fast

This is one of the best auto-flowering seeds to grow outdoors and is suitable for guerrilla growers. They are short plants that have a height of about a meter. Therefore enabling them to stay well-hidden under bushes lowers and the rest. Additionally, the auto-flowering plants are always the best to grow because they get to maturation fast than other plants. 

  1. Auto Daiquiri Lime

This plant is a premium outdoor auto flower seed with a sour/fruity taste. It originates from the united states’ unique collection of marijuanna seeds; the genetics are derived from the outdoor classic Californian Orange and some pungent USA Sour Diesel strains. As a result, a high-yielding Sativa strain with extremely high THC levels is created. These genotypes may be cultivated both indoors and outdoors and provide equally remarkable results. Because of the strong parent genetics from Californian Orange, you may expect vigorous growth and high tolerance to bad weather when grown outside.

  1. Auto ultimate

Auto Ultimate is most likely Dutch Passion’s highest producing auto flower strain. This makes it an excellent choice for the outside gardener looking for a bountiful crop. The XXL harvest comes with a somewhat longer growing cycle. Outdoors, Auto Ultimate might take up to 15 weeks from planting to harvest. That is many weeks longer than other auto flower seeds. However, the exceptionally high THC levels and incredible yields combine to make Auto Ultimate a strong favorite among outdoor cannabis farmers. Auto Ultimate is a cannabis seed strain from the Dutch Passion Classics collection.

  1. Passion#1

Pssion#1 is a feminized outdoor strain that can guarantee heavy yields that are strong. They are a green indica hybrid trendy among gardeners in central and southern Europe, where the moderate temperature and long summer are ideal. Yields are high. If anything, the buds will be somewhat more potent than those from Frisian Dew.

  1. Durban poison

This is a well-known South African Sativa. She is well-liked by both indoor and outdoor gardeners. Outdoors, she has a stellar reputation for producing large harvests, especially in temperate areas. The buds have a strong punch, and many producers consider the Durban Poison cannabis strain to be a low odor, making it a great stealth strain.

 In conclusion, there are a variety of strains that are suitable for outdoor. Therefore select strains that will do well with the weather conditions of your residential area.