Decluttering your household the Marie Kondo Way is the best course on how you should be doing to declutter your home. Following the ideas of one of the most trusted and famous cleaning gurus named Marie Kondo can change how you organize your things. This can also be a great way of having more space and cleaner surroundings in your room.

In this article, we will be introducing you to some of the Marie Kondo ideas you can copy to put your household in a better place than before.

Take The Tags Off Of The New Items Right Away

One of the best ideas from the Marie Kondo Tips is taking the tags off the brand new items right away. This is because you will need to be able to own the item for yourself; doing this will allow you to enjoy and appreciate more about the item itself rather than the brand it is representing. It is essential to personalize the items in order to be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

As you buy brand-new things, make sure to take off the tags right away. When doing this type of course, when you buy new things, you will instantly own the item right away. The item itself will be able to be a personal item for you, and you can now enjoy the item depending on how you want them to be used in your everyday activity.

Buy Storage Containers After You Tidy Up Your Belongings

There is a huge difference when we talk about decluttering and organizing your items. Decluttering your items means selling, giving, or throwing away the things that don’t have any sort of importance in your life or your everyday activity. Doing so will allow you to live your life with a more spacious room and fewer items to think about.

You will need to follow this next Marie Kondo tip to have a better living situation after decluttering your items. You will need to buy storage containers for the items that are left for organizing. This is because it will allow you to be organized in your way where you can have an advantage in designing and deciding where you want to put your items.

Before you buy new storage containers for your items, it is better to use the storage containers you already have. Suppose you do not have any storage containers for your items. A good recommendation of a storage container that you should consider buying depends on your needs or the design you want. You can choose between metal, wood, rattan, and more material types for your storage container.

Courage In Throwing Away Gifts

One of the hardest things to do in Marie Kondo Tips is by having your courage to throw-away gifts. If you are following the Marie Kondo Tips, it is a fact that you should be sorting out the sentimental items that you own last. The reason for this is it is a difficult task to throw away things that have a sentimental or nostalgic meaning for you.

However, suppose those types of items do not bring any joy, excitement, or usefulness in your daily activities. In that case, they must be put into consideration to throw away sentimental items such as gifts. You should build courage in throwing away things that are not beneficial for you, especially things that take too much space without having a reason to do so.

Everything Will Look Bad Before It Gets Better

If you are just starting to organize your items, everything will look messy in the first place. However, you do not have to worry because everything will look better from that point to the future. Hence, keep yourself calm and continue to organize your belongings to achieve the thing that you want most, which is having a spacious and tidy room.

This step of cleaning and tidying up your room is one step where you can realize how time-consuming it is to start organizing your items. Hence, pushing through will be your only choice to do so.


Marie Kondo is the cleaning guru that you should be considering if you are planning to declutter and organize your room. The tips that we have mentioned above are just a few examples that you should be following to have a better spacious and tidier room in your place. Keep in mind to follow the tips that will be beneficial in your situation.