Country music has seen its fair share of artists come and go, but when an established star like Maren Morris announces her departure, it undoubtedly sends ripples through the community. The Texas native, with her considerable net worth and long-standing presence in the industry, has chosen to change her direction in the music world. Here, we delve into the reasons behind her move, what her future looks like, and the legacy she hopes to leave behind.

What’s Behind Maren Morris’ Net Worth?

Maren Morris has amassed an estimated net worth of $8 Million after years of hard work and dedication to her craft. After moving to Nashville over a decade ago, Morris has steadily built her fortune but also taken steps backward to enjoy family life with her husband Ryan Hurd and their newborn son Hayes, born in 2020.
She has been keen on evolving, not just as an artist but also as a person. As she candidly mentioned to The Los Angeles Times in September, “Something I’ve learned this year is that you don’t have to be perceived to exist.” Maren’s explorations beyond music, like reading bell hooks and attending tennis events, underline her multifaceted nature.

Why Did Maren Morris Decide to Depart from Country Music?

Morris’ decision wasn’t spur of the moment. Her observations about the industry painted a picture she couldn’t ignore. “Once you see it, you can’t un-see it,” she stated, pointing towards the imperfections and cracks she saw in the country music facade.

Maren has never shied away from being vocal, even if it landed her amidst drama with peers like Morgan Wallen, Jason Aldean, and Brittany Aldean. However, her stance on calling out issues transcends mere controversy. “Anything this popular should be scrutinized if we want to see progress,” she pointed out. Her poignant remark about country music, suggesting its self-destructive trajectory, signals her readiness to seek greener pastures.

Is Maren Morris Quitting Music Altogether?

The good news for fans is that Morris isn’t exiting the music scene, just country music. Maren is currently collaborating with producer Jack Antonoff on her next LP, choosing to release it through Columbia Records. This partnership, outside of the Nashville division, promises a fresh direction for her musical journey.

She explains her rationale, stating, “The way I grew up was so wrapped in country music, and the way I write songs is very lyrically structured in the Nashville way of doing things.” However, she felt an urge to prioritize making music over marketing it. This approach will shape her upcoming LP, which she hints will be “so fun”. The essence of her upcoming work is captured in her words, “This is what I used to do when I moved to Nashville 10 years ago.”

What Does the Future Hold for Maren Morris?

With the freedom to experiment and an expansive horizon ahead, Morris seems set to embark on a new chapter. She talks about giving herself the “freedom to fail,” indicating her willingness to take risks and redefine her music.

Though she might be departing from country music, Maren Morris’ spirit and love for songwriting remain undeterred. Her upcoming projects, influenced by her past but not confined by it, are eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike. As she ventures beyond the country realm, one thing is clear: Maren Morris is on a path to reinvention, promising more musical magic in the years to come.