As we set up the third episode of Easttown, which airs on HBO next week, one important phrase comes to mind: follow the evidence. When Mare and Colin see this, they will point them in a new direction. It’s one that can shock them a lot, but it’s the kind of show where these things can pop up on every corner! You need to move forward and be prepared for it. The surprises in this series are as common as the great performances of the star Kate Winslet.

Below is a full recap of Easttown’s Mare Episode 3 with additional news on what to expect:

As Mare and Colin analyze new physical evidence, telephone records lead to an unlikely suspect; After pouncing on Helen over a possible custody battle for Drew, Mare receives unsolicited advice from Richard on how to deal with Carrie.

Since Easttown mare doesn’t have the longest episode sequence, this is a story that will have to go fast. The case will evolve and change over time, without even thinking about what is happening in the personal life of the title character.

We believe this show will eventually take a course similar to Nicole Kidman’s Undo it, where it becomes more and more sensational over time. We think the final episodes will be a chance to become one of spring’s biggest pop culture events, especially since there aren’t many other hits right now. Even if the program is based on a fixed formula, screenwriters still have the chance to bring all sorts of new stuff to the table.

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Air date: May 2, 2021