Do you know about an unfortunate incident that occurred in California? If you’re seeking the samething, then read the entire page.

The number of accidents are rising lately in various areas in the United States, which is not a good thing. The most common accident cause is reckless driving, which should be considered.

A study conducted between the months of January and March 2021 found that a large number of car accidents happen that result in a number of deaths. This post will focus on details of the Manhattan Beach Accident in greater detail.

The location at Manhattan Beach

This is the third of three beaches in the city, including Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles. Additionally it is located in the southwest part in Los Angeles County, California which extends towards the northern part in Hermosa Beach and on the Pacific coast of El Segundo.

This city is famous due to the 2.1 miles (3.4 km) and the 450 feet (140 meters) vast area. There was a Tongva people of the tribe Native Americans owned the area in the past, in the far reaches of time.

What Year Did the Crash Take Place?

According to the media According to the reporters, the Manhattan Beach Accident was reported to have occurred on Tuesday evening at approximately 9:45 p.m. The crash also involved four vehicles on Marine Avenue and Sepulveda Boulevard. Let’s look at what transpired following the fatal crash.

What was the effect on the Cause of the Injury?

The tragedy caused the deaths of three people which includes two men and one woman. Two of the victims are residents of Redondo Beach named Katie-Jay Scott (40) and Christian Mendoza (48). However, the third victim’s information hasn’t been released yet.

Three people including a young child were injured and taken into the hospital.

Witnesses to Manhattan Beach Accident

According to reports that police were at the location at about 9:46 p.m. Following an investigation and investigation, Manhattan Beach police Officer ‘Wilbert Pereira’ informed reporters that one of the vehicles was moving at high speeds and collided together with the other three vehicles.

There are also other witnesses were also present, along with the victims can assist the police with future investigations.

What caused the accident

The real cause behind the tragedy hasn’t been determined as witnesses haven’t yet stated the circumstances.

Accident Recent News

After conducting research, we’ve discovered that the evidence from Manhattan Beach’s accident Manhattan Beach Accidentare not properly gathered, since the police have not arrested anyone to date. However, the investigation continues to determine the source of the tragedy.

How to Prevent Accidents?

We cannot stop the accidents which are taking place all over the world, but we could consider some ways to stop them

  • Safety belts must be worn.
  • Maintaining the speed limit
  • Refrain from drinking the consumption of alcohol
  • Limiting the number of passengers
  • Disconnecting from cell phones
  • Training for weather conditions that aren’t ideal
  • Respecting the traffic rules
  • Be on the lookout for warning signals


In this report we’ve seen that there was a Manhattan Beach Accident that resulted in the death of three persons. In addition, three victims sustained serious injuries as a result of the collision between four cars.

The police stated that one vehicle had collided with the other cars as it traveled at an extremely high speed which led to the tragic death of a person. To find out more about the tragic incident learn more here.