Manchester United is one of the most followed clubs in Canada and worldwide, with an estimated 142 million followers across various social media platforms. The team has won 66 trophies in the 141 years that it has been in existence. It is also the leader in English Premier League so far, with 20 titles under its belt. The team was once branded as the ‘comeback kings’ even though they are struggling to win trophies in modern times.

Many international brands have always partnered with Manchester United and gain from the exposure that this team gives. Manchester United has also bred some of the best footballers in the world. Are there some that are also casino goers? We linked up with our expert Kevin Cochran (check profile), who shared some of the names of Manchester United players who play in casino games.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic spent just two years with the Red Devils but became a darling to the fans. In a past interview, Ibra stated that his only regret was not joining Manchester United earlier in his career. The Swedish forward made 53 appearances for the club and scored 29 goals during his two-year stint with the Reds. Manchester United also won the Europa League and the EFL Cup during that time.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was in the news in the first quarter of this year with allegations that he is involved with a betting company. The Swedish star was slapped with a €50,000 fine by UEFA after establishing that he owned a 10% stake in a betting company named Bethard. A player having any financial interest in a betting company is against UEFA’s regulations. The European governing body directed that Ibra cease his association with the gambling company.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo remains to be one of the most celebrated players to have ever played for the Reds. His six-year stay at Old Trafford saw him grow from an inexperienced young winger to becoming one of the best football players that the world has ever seen. He scored 84 goals with 196 appearances for the Reds.

Cristiano left for Real Madrid in one of the most expensive transfers and continued with growing his star. He now plays for the Italian giants Juventus and remains one of the world’s best despite his age. Rumors of him coming back to Manchester United during every transfer window are always common.

The world’s largest online poker room, PokerStars, noticed that Cristiano Ronaldo loved poker and decided to bring him on board as their brand ambassador. PokerStars was able to leverage on this star’s huge following on Instagram with 242 million followers and 142 million followers on Facebook.

The star has played against a famous poker professional player Patrick Antonius and was also featured in various tournaments to promote poker. The star has also played poker to raise money for various charity events. For instance, he once played Texas Hold’em against Aaron Paul, a Hollywood superstar and won $20000 which was donated to children in need. There are high chances of finding sports slots with Ronaldo’s image on platforms featured on

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney broke Sir Bobby Charlton’s record in 2017 to become the Red’s all-time leading scorer. He lifted his first trophy at the end of his second campaign at Old Trafford. He scored 250 goals and made 559 appearances for the club during his 13 thirteen years stay. Wayne Mark Rooney has since retired from playing football and is now the football manager of Derby County.

Wayne Rooney is one of the faces you are likely to find on famous sports-themed slots today. On top of being a celebrated star, Rooney has been in the news for reckless gambling, where he lost £500,000 in just two hours. Rooney admitted that blackjack and roulette are his favorite games whenever he hits the casinos in a past interview. He even admitted that he has clashed with his wife Coleen in the past over his gambling habits.

Even though the named players are not currently playing for the Reds, their contribution to the team at various levels can never be ignored. We will keep updating the list and even update you when any of the players travel to play poker in Canada.