Your legs usually swell during pregnancy. Besides this, it may also happen because of foot or ankle injury or edema. Edema refers to a swelling caused by fluid retention when excess fluid is trapped in the tissues of your body. The condition is uncomfortable and painful. Sometimes, excessive swelling may also indicate problems with other organs of your body like your liver, heart, or kidney. 

If your ankles swell up in the evening, it may be because of right-sided heart failure. Swollen feet are common and do not become a cause of concern unless the symptoms represent serious health problems. In either case, it would be best to visit your doctor and get yourself checked for the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of the problem. 

Besides following the treatment, you may also resort to some lifestyle changes and home remedies to get rid of swelling in your feet and legs. Here’s how you can manage swollen feet at home. 

Limit Your Salt Intake 

If you experience edema regularly, it may be because of excessive consumption of salt. Do not add extra salt to your food whenever you are cooking or eating. You may look for low-sodium alternatives at the grocery store without compromising the taste of the food you eat.

Increase Water Consumption 

Adding water to your body as it has many health benefits. The consumption of water alone addresses many problems in your body, thus keeping you fit and healthy. You can manage swelling in your legs and feet by upping your water consumption. 

It is because in many cases, edema can be a sign that you are dehydrated and your body is trying to hold on to the water it comprises. Make it a habit of drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep swelling at bay. 

Perform Movements and Elevation 

One of the best ways to manage edema at home is movement and elevation. Many exercises to reduce leg swelling can be performed regularly to alleviate the pain and discomfort that you may be experiencing because of this condition. 

You do not have to visit a gym to perform the movements. Sign up for home workout programs hosted by different platforms and stick to the routine. Alternatively, you may also try some yoga positions. One of the best ways to reduce swelling is lying on your back, and having your back end against the wall. Put your legs straight up, propped against the wall. 

Use a Mint Bath 

You can relax your feet in a soothing mint bath. All you need to do is take four cups of water and half a cup of mint leaves. Put the leaves in the water and heat it for ten minutes. 

When you remove it from heat, let it cool. Pour the water into a tub or bucket and soak your feet in the same. Doing it 30 minutes a day will bring positive changes in your recovery. Alternatively, you may also opt for tonic water soak to reduce swelling in your feet and ankles. 

Wear Compression Socks 

Compression socks are widely available at drug or grocery stores. You may also buy them online and wear them regularly to reduce swelling in your feet and legs. Begin wearing socks that are between 12-15 or 15-20 mm of mercury. 

These socks are available in various weights and compressions. Always begin with a lighter-weight pair of socks. Have a word with your doctor before wearing them, especially if swelling in your feet is because of pregnancy. 


When you pair these home remedies with the ongoing treatment of edema, you experience positive results and achieve quicker recovery. Start following these tips now. We hope you get well soon.