For millions of Americans, there’s nothing quite liking getting on a motorbike and hitting the open road. Unfortunately, when it comes to health and safety, motorcycle accidents occur 28 times more often than passenger car accidents. 

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and want to make a claim, knowing what action to take can be the difference between strengthening your side and losing your case. Here is a guide on what you can do, especially if you want to recover compensation.

Seek Medical Treatment

In many instances, motorcycle accidents are incredibly serious. Some injuries can include traumatic brain injuries, head trauma, paralysis, and shock. Whether you’ve escaped from the accident unscathed, or you have suffered a serious injury, you must seek medical treatment immediately. Your health and wellbeing should always come first, so don’t delay in going to the emergency room. Once you’ve been looked over by a doctor and received treatment, the records of this can be used in your motorcycle accident case.

Call the Police

If you’re able to, you should contact the police and report your motorcycle accident. They will document what has gone on and this too can be used as evidence in your case. A police report can include vital information, such as details about the other driver’s vehicle, identity, and insurance. Make sure you fully cooperate with law enforcement and be open and honest when explaining your situation. 

Gather Evidence

Once you seek medical treatment and bring law enforcement into the equation, now is the time to gather as much evidence as possible. Before filing a motorcycle accident claim, you’ll need to be armed with evidence that can give your lawyer a clearer picture of what has happened, and how they can help you win your case. Evidence can include medical records, witness statements, and photographs. You should also keep track of expenses, especially if you’ve had to take time off work. Once you arrive at your initial appointment with a motorcycle accident lawyer, you’ll have more confidence that you will win your case.

Stay Off Social Media

Whatever you do, you must avoid talking about the motorcycle accident on social media. It can be all too easy to post a status on Facebook in anger. However, this may come back to bite you. Even if your profile is private, there’s always a chance someone from the other party may know one of your friends and see what you’ve put. Although it can be hard to do so, refrain from venting on social media platforms until your case is finished. 

Hire a Specialist Lawyer

Finally, you need to find an expert lawyer who has experience in handling motorcycle accident cases. Look for a motorcycle accident attorney CT like Bert McDowell who has helped thousands of injured clients recover millions of dollars. 

Whether you’ve sustained minor or severe injuries, if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, now is the time to do all the above and get the compensation and justice you deserve.