Whether in renovation or construction, polished concrete floors are increasingly popular. Thanks to a marked style and its many advantages, it allows, among other things, easy maintenance or even an effect of enlarging the surfaces. Let’s find out here what the application steps are, the cost of installing your polished concrete floor and the advantages and disadvantages of waxed concrete on your floor.

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Polished concrete has become essential in interior decoration in recent years and their success continues to grow. This material makes it possible to create large floors in one piece without splitting. Its appearance goes equally well with the old or the contemporary. This is among other reasons why it is ideal for renovation or new construction.

We have written this article to fully answer all your questions.

The advantages of polished concrete on the ground

1- A modern and refined aesthetic 

Polished concrete offers a clean, modern aesthetic, bringing a touch of sophistication and style to any room. Its smooth, uniform surface creates a feeling of space and continuity, which is ideal for small spaces or contemporary interiors.

2- A durable material

This material is very durable and resistant, easy to clean and maintain, especially for parts exposed to everyday hazards (pets, children, etc.).

3 – A wide choice of colors

Another key advantage of micro cement is its great versatility in terms of colors and finishes, allowing the floor to be personalized according to individual preferences and adapted to any style of decoration.

By choosing micro cement, you can avoid the high costs and effort required to completely remove and replace an existing floor covering, as it can be applied directly to many surfaces already present in the home.

Our waxed concrete kit has many advantages to adorn your interior:

It can be applied to almost all surfaces (except metal and solid wood)

It does not crack unless the support on which it is applied cracks,

Free from joints, it provides a uniform space across your entire floor, thus enlarging your rooms.

Its material is very hard and does not scratch.

Pleasant underfoot, it is cool in summer and warm in winter, it is also an excellent heat conductor for underfloor heating.

 There are many colors of polished concrete

Are there any disadvantages to polished concrete floors?

The main disadvantages of micro cement on the ground are:

The difficulty of installation

Lying is another drawback. We advise you to call a professional to apply your waxed concrete. If the application is done incorrectly, the micro cement can crack after a few years. The installation of this coating requires numerous steps and precautions: precise application temperature, special application technique, preparation of the surface, drying, sanding, etc. But when properly applied, the polished concrete on your floor will have a unique and modern aesthetic result. .

How much does a polished concrete floor cost?

Price of a polished concrete floor to install yourself

You can apply the coating yourself if you are a knowledgeable and experienced DIYer. A 10 m² format will cost you around $30 per m². Depending on the dimensions of your part, do not hesitate to request a quote from our sales team who will be able to apply quantitative discounts.

Price of a polished concrete floor installed by a professional

You can also entrust the installation to a professional, prices can be between $95 and $150 per m² excluding VAT. Thе pricе of installation diffеrs dеpеnding on thе complеxity of thе sitе: thе largеr thе surfacе arеa,  thе longеr thе work will takе and will rеquirе morе matеrials,  which can havе an impact on thе final cost.  Additionally,  thе condition of thе еxisting support is also important. If repairs or additional preparations are necessary before laying the microcement, this can increase the complexity of the site and therefore the price. The presence of obstacles such as difficult angles, stairs or restricted areas can also increase the difficulty of the job and influence the cost.

How to make a polished concrete floor yourself?

If you are a DIYer and are used to this type of work, you can apply your micro cement yourself. Modern Concrete Contractors Offers Residential and Commercial Concrete Services in Greenville, SC and surrounding areas.

Required tools and materials:

Waxed concrete in kit


High protection varnish

Pore filler

Stainless steel smoother or plastic smoother

American knife

Microfiber sleeve rolls for primer and finishing application

The installation of waxed concrete can be summarized in 3 main steps:

Preparing your surface

 Application of tinted concrete

 Installation of the finish


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