Swimming pool installation is one of the most significant investments you can make in your property. It profoundly affects the outdoor aesthetics of your home and the property value. Unfortunately, many people shy away from installing a pool due to the cost and space required. However, small pools solve the two problems.

A small swimming pool has unique advantages and is the ideal installation for owners with a limited budget and space. Contrary to popular opinion, small pools can still be fun. Size is not a limitation. Here are some ways to make the most of your small swimming pool.


Lighting installations around the pool enhance the visual appeal of outdoor spaces. The key lights illuminate the pool deck and improve vision when daylight disappears. Consequently, users can enjoy the pool water well into the evening. On the other hand, accent lights add texture to the colour scheme around the pool. Coloured smart bulbs are the go-to choice for accent lighting. Moreover, the colour and brightness of the bulbs are remotely adjustable. As a result, users can set the mood around the pool with colourful lighting. 

Bulb placement is crucial to the lighting design around the pool. Common options include pool deck lighting and LED swimming pool lights. The latter has a profound effect as the lights shine through the pool water. Additionally, LED bulbs feature voice activation and motion sensors. 

It’s easier to set up a lighting scheme for a small pool. In addition, the small dimensions allow versatile designs with minimal light fittings.


Although size is a limitation for small pools, the design can accommodate several fittings. Some of the common installations include;

Wall Fountain 

Wall fountains look stunning in small pool designs. They can stretch the entire length of the pool since the dimensions are limited. Furthermore, a wall fountain is a great place to install accent lights. It’s also a good aesthetic addition to outdoor spaces.

In-pool Bench

A swimming pool is a great place to lounge. Therefore, a submerged bench offers the best location to lounge and share a drink. The design is often incorporated into the building of the pool. Therefore, installation should not come as an afterthought.


The area around the pool is a versatile space that welcomes several styles. Pool decks demarcate the pool area and give an excellent transition to the outdoor space. A stone-tiled deck is the most common option for decking. Options include concrete, limestone, granite, bluestone and marble. Wood is also a suitable selection with options like redwood, teak, ipe and cedar.

The ideal choice for pool decking is a durable, non-slip material. Furthermore, beautiful pieces like marble perfectly match a beautiful pool. 

Poolside Pergola

A poolside pergola is a unique installation that turns the pool area into a great entertainment space. It can house a barbecue area, an outdoor dining space or an alfresco lounge. A pergola also welcomes numerous design possibilities. For example, the roof can stretch into the pool to provide permanent shade in the water for lounging.


Statues are unique and improve the beauty of outdoor spaces. In addition to being a centre-piece, they also enhance the outdoor styling around the pool area. The sculpture can stand at the foot of the pool along the perimeter wall as part of the pool design.


One of the unique functions that can be added to a small pool is heating. The design’s small size and water volume make it easy to heat the pool. Furthermore, the heating costs for a small pool are less than a standard pool. 

A small swimming pool is a worthwhile investment. It’s beautiful and affordable. So get one today and start enjoying the benefits.