All other companies run deals for Black Friday (or other holidays) – you should probably run one too. But what are your goals? I mean, what do you want to get out of your sales? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Attract new customers.

Low prices are always guaranteed to get people’s attention. Ideally, you want to attract people who are members of your target audience or who are current prospects. You can also do this by “bundling” – at a reasonable price, add additional items for those who purchase during the promotion period.

But most of the companies I see promotions, well … don’t do anything with the people who buy the show! You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. To do this, you need a program to implement them. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Don’t spoil existing customers.

I have tried very hard to convert my customers back into customers. That is people who repeatedly return to the same product/service, or who look for additional products and services in their company. New customers fill the natural gap in the customer list and help it grow. But bringing in a new customer costs a lot of money. Regularly maximize your profits.

But many, if not most, companies ignore existing customers. They spend all their time and effort looking for new customers, but they consider existing customers to be nonsense. They offer great discounts to new customers but expect existing customers to “like or add” as they used to. As I write this a few days before Thanksgiving, I’m looking at several companies that are dealing with the average consumer response. They offer discounts for new customers but expect existing customers to be happy to pay more.

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Not fabulous! If I’m your customer, and I don’t get the low price you offer on the road, you’ll give me many other products and/or services to get me to subscribe again, which newcomers don’t get.

Loyalty programs. 

Those who have recently known you, your business, your products, and services, do not know what to expect from you. They probably expect that once they buy from you, you will ignore them in the best possible way. In the meantime, there are companies that only sell to people. Finally, there are companies whose policies and personnel conflict with customer service. Some have some kind of loyalty program and very few have effective loyalty programs that actually benefit consumers and businesses.

In short, you need to ask customers what they want. Many people will not answer you and some have no idea. Listen to each one Next, you need to give them a price. Most customers who want consistently low prices are not looking for high quality, and those looking for high-quality products and services know they will have to pay a reasonable price.

Your loyalty program (or member group, fan club – whatever you want to contact) should allow you to collect contact information and then collect information, build relationships, and sell products and services. Use the list you created for the offer. Some people will stick to the loyalty program if they feel they are not being listened to.

Above all, book your best offers – low prices like the best baby bath tub on black Friday and the best product and service packages – for your loyalty program members! I spent a lot of money to get each of these people. Can a few dollars in your pocket stop them today and force them to spend all their income? And that’s why you want to build a regular foundation so that you can rely on their future purchases to maximize your income and profits.

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Let’s make it easy –

Use Black Friday and other promotions to attract new customers.

Immediately transfer these new customers to a loyalty program.

Add these new customers, convert them back into customers.

Treated like a normal sleeper, because that’s exactly what I am.


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