Beautiful flowers and fragrant cones may help set the tone for any event. Freshly lemongrass has indeed been discovered to offer us energy and boost concentration, whereas romantic red roses can create a romantic environment. Creating your homemade incense is a personalized and natural method to introduce these scents into your house by Incense waterfall.

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Best Flowers:

To avoid spreading chemicals into the air, it is really better to use flowers that weren’t cultivated with them. Fresh flowers for incense cones are available at local market, farm, or super market. Flowers that aren’t fully bloomed should be picked.

In the drying process, grown flowers are more susceptible to deform or lose their petals. Buy fresh herbs whenever feasible because they are easier to wrap than chilled herbs. Because the leaves may shrivel up throughout the drying process, add a bunch of them to your bundle.

Cut stems and make a bundle:

Remove the flowers stems to a length of 3 to 6 inches. Remove any additional leaves that may have accumulated on the flowers. Lavender and eucalyptus, for example, are fantastic herbs to use it as a baseline for the bundle. To keep the flowers protected, place them on top of the herbs.

Secure the bundle:

Easily remove a large piece of string that is 5 to 8 times the length of the bundle. To keep the bundle connected, tie the thread around the root side. On the smaller side, leaving about three inches of twine.

Twist the outer edge of the twine securely around the bundles until you make it to the top after you have fixed the base. Twist the bundle securely in the opposite direction after that. When you have hit the end of the bundle, attach the twine by tying the long end to the short end.

Dry for 2 weeks:

To dried the bundle of flowers, just use long end of the twine to knot it upside down from the hanger. Hang the bundles in a cool, dry location with adequate circulation. If you don’t entirely dry the bundle, it before using, it won’t burn.

Burn incense:

Light the flowers and wait for them to begin to smoke. Blowing out the flower, let it smolder, and revel in the moment.  You can start preparing a few bundles ahead of time now that you know how to create fresh flower incense cones. This method, you will get some dry incense bundles prepared to go for your next event.  Keep your incense bundles somewhere dry and cool. If the bundles are exposed to moisture or heat, they may mold or become fragile.


Incense cones are a quick and easy method to also improve the environment and interior design of the house. Incense waterfall are also fantastic for celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, and other occasions. Incense fresh flowers perfect for a romantic dinner date with your beloved one or a Christmas gathering with family and friends.