If you’re an architect and interior designer, you must know the struggle to make the perfect floor plan. Who doesn’t know that making them with your hands isn’t just right? A floor plan is the backbone of every construction project, explaining why it needs to be perfect. Getting your floor map right will help you imagine how the building will look after its construction.

Since there are many things to consider while making a floor map, including dimensions and scale, to name a few, the biggest question you’ll have is, “How to make the best floor map?” Well, the best software you can use is EdrawMax. Thinking why? EdrawMax is easy-to-use, offers floorplan-specific tools, and is quite affordable. Let’s discuss it in detail.

EdrawMax: The Best Floor Plan Creator

EdrawMax is an excellent all-in-one tool that promises to fulfill all your diagramming needs. It has an advanced, user-friendly interface that instantly makes you feel at home with minimal training. Also, EdrawMax is available for Windows, macOS, and Linus. Your mixed platform workspace won’t have any clashes with it. Since most non-SaaS solutions don’t offer such compatibility, it’s interesting.

The next best thing about EdrawMax is its plethora of built-in templates and symbols. The tools offer 26000 vector diagrams and 1500 built-in templates. You can use these to create different charts.

Last but not least, EdrawMax has impressive data visualization. It allows you to visualize all sorts of data and logistics, making it easily understandable. Although EdrawMax is fully automated, it provides complete control along the way.

How to Make a Professional Floor Plan in 5 Simple Steps

1. Log-In

You can open EdrawMax if you’re using its online version. On the other hand, if you wish to have remote collaboration, it’s better to download it. Once downloaded, you can sign in to your account or create one if you still need to. Now, go to Building Plan and click Floor Plan.

2. Start a New Canvas

You can click on Floor Plan to access the free template and sketches available. Once you’ve gotten the idea, it’s time to click ‘+.’ You’ll have a new canvas open which you can use to create your desired floor plan.

3. Search For Floor Plan Symbols

Now comes the central part; symbols. EdrawMax provides all symbols for your floor plan. All you have to do is go to the left panel and choose the symbol you want to add. These include windows, wall sheets, kitchen and dining room, etc.

Additionally, if you don’t find your desired symbols, don’t worry. You can unleash your creativity here with the help of Pen Tool or Pencil Tool. Once you create it, click the ‘+’ in the My Library Section to save it for further use.

4. Add Elements

Once you’ve all the symbols, start arranging them on your Floor Plan Layout. You can also elevate the diagram by adding more elements to it. These include a dining table, gas stove, space, etc. The best part about these is that they’re vector based. Meanwhile, you can reshape and resize them without them losing their formatting. You can also use the Toolbar to change the font, color, theme, etc., with just one click.

5. Save And Export

Once you’ve made your floor plan, it’s time to show it to the world. You can export it in 14+ file formats, including JPG, PNG, webP, xlsx, etc. You can also share it on social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn and print it to show to others.

 Unique Features Of EdrawMax

● Team collaboration

What makes EdrawMax stand out from the crowd is its collaboration feature. Users with authorized access to your diagrams can edit them from anywhere. They can comment, add notes, and receive feedback on the diagrams.

What makes this experience better is that it secures your data via cloud servers. Meanwhile, you can collaborate without worrying about unauthorized access or data theft.

● Compatibility with Visio and various file formats

Here again, EdrawMax takes the lead by providing Visio compatibility. With this tool, you can import.VSSX files and Visio files without any trouble. You can also easily edit these files later.

Besides, EdrawMax is compatible with other files as well. This compatibility with different file formats allows you to export your diagrams in various forms, including PDF, HTML, GIF, TIFF, JPG, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Word.

● Numerous Built-In Templates and Symbols

As mentioned earlier, EdrawMax has expertise in providing hundreds of templates and symbols we can use to create our diagrams. This feature makes it a perfect tool for all academic and business domains.

Let’s take your example here. You’re an architect who wishes to create a professional floor plan. EdrawMax lends you a helping hand by providing ready-made templates. Professionals design these templates, and hence are perfect for all. You can customize these according to your needs, and there you have a perfect example of working smart, not hard.

Final Thoughts

Making floor plans isn’t child’s play. However, it is with EdrawMax. You can make it by hand, which has many errors and make your floor plan look clumsy. Or you can use EdrawMax with its built-in architect Scale, which makes it look professional and reduce the chances of errors to zero.

Wondershare’s EdrawMax comes out to be the best all-in-one diagramming tool with an easy-to-use interface. It allows even a beginner to use the program in one go. It provides a massive symbol library to take your diagrams to the next level. You can also share these diagrams with your team members and take advantage of its collaboration feature.

Lastly, it provides vast compatibility. You can export these diagrams in various forms, including HTML and GIF. With EdrawMax, you can import VSSX and Visio files without any hassle, making it better than the rest.