The construction industry in Canada is booming. In fact, BuildForce Canada reports that one in 13 Canadians earned a living from this sector in 2021. What’s more is there’s space to grow in both residential and non-residential construction. The industry is projected to grow year-on-year and will continuously need new workers to meet the growing demand. 

Exciting new trends in construction

Apart from the job security offered by a growing industry, new technology and construction methods make it an exciting time to join the sector in any capacity. Tech like Virtual design and construction (VDC) allow project managers to visualise an entire building even before any ground is broken. Green Building methods are revolutionising how we build, bringing a strong sense of environmental sensitivity into a previously polluting industry. And for the adventurous spirits – there are always drones to work with. Construction safety is on the rise too along with salaries. In fact, multiple reports state that salaries for construction workers will continue on an upward trend for at least the next five years.

Why join an all-service firm?

There are several different kinds of construction firms out there with some specialising in only one or two aspects of the trade. According to Buildforce Canada, a whopping 62% of these firms have fewer than five employees. There’s only so far you can move up in a tiny firm.  

 A large firm like Syncra Construction that offers various construction and preconstruction services to its clients gives you the opportunity to experience many different aspects of the construction industry and apply yourself to the ones that interest you the most whether it is construction project management and supervision, safety, carpentry, or other field work. 

Syncra Construction – Offering large scale project opportunities with the nurturing environment of a medium-size firm

Syncra Construction is a full-service construction company with completed projects covering everything from low/mid-rise condominiums and retail buildings to First Nations projects, institutional facilities, office buildings, and multi-million-dollar high-rises. 

With several successful projects under their belts, Syncra has the expertise to be involved in a construction project right from its inception to completion. Those who are new to the industry are thus given a unique opportunity to gain construction experience on differing stages of projects and different types of construction projects. Construction industry veterans, on the other hand, can be guaranteed that they won’t get bored thanks to the wide variety of projects the company works on. With plenty of training opportunities and close-knit teams, Syncra offers its employees a nurturing environment that helps them learn and grow with their projects.

Services offered:

Syncra Construction serves in the core areas of pre-construction, construction management, and general contracting. 

  • Pre-construction expertise: The company provides pre-construction expertise to help with all aspects, from budgeting and construction feedback to drawing reviews and construction schedule with trades input so the clients can avoid unpleasant surprises when the job starts.
  • Construction management: Syncra provides clients with construction management services that take care of every step of construction process including working directly with consultants, subtrades, and suppliers on behalf of their clients. 
  • General contracting: Syncra also manages projects as a general contractor providing end-to-end construction services for its clients.
  • Customer care: Syncra offers a unique customer care service that takes a proactive approach to look for common defects or deficiencies, and any scope gaps of a construction project and works directly with clients tracking and reporting on any issues. 

Working at Syncra Construction

Syncra Construction has a mission to build landmark projects and exceptional teams. As a company, it believes in combining individual strengths and skills to deliver exceptional service to its clients. The company is always on the lookout for passionate and highly talented people and offers competitive salaries and benefits to its employees.

If and exciting work environment with strong ethics sounds right up your alley, have a look at the career opportunities available at Syncra Construction today or drop them a line to let them know what you are looking for.