The cryptocurrency market over the years has built a reputation in the finance market. But the category is volatility. However, to support this industry, the exchange and market offer numerous tools for digital crypto money trading. Here, to make wise choices in E Trade Crypto, the trade patterns are procuring trading insights to the masses. As evident, the previous year 2021, was the year for cryptocurrencies. They experienced fluctuations with setting records of all-time highs. The total market capitalization value of cryptocurrencies was initially at $800 billion, which dramatically rose to $1.7 trillion, as indicated by Coingecko. The market was pushed to $3 trillion in the previous year by some deep-pocket money owners and fresh capitals. 

What to Search for while choosing a Crypto Online Exchange 

Cryptocurrencies are functioning more efficiently than the banking system. This is probably due to the high-interest level developed by investors and consumers from around the globe. No trend ever goes wasted and so happened to the cryptocurrencies. The investors, as well as the businesses, are readily adopting this very method as a payment option. Likewise, Tesla is the first automobile industry to accept Bitcoin. Therefore, will all these advancements, Cryptocurrency Global Exchange platforms are coming up with advanced encrypted options so that no one is left behind. 

Type of Trading Platform

There are mainly three types of exchange platforms globally available. So before hurriedly putting your money in, choose the one that suits you the best. 

  • Trading Platforms

These are the most commonly used platforms. They are serving as the marketplaces that allow consumers to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the users only interact with the platforms and not any other entity. Additionally, they provide services for which they charge a fee. 

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P)

Peer-to-peer, as the name indicates, bridges the buyers and sellers with eliminating the third party. These particular platforms are secure, trustful, and reliable as the transactions take place by the consent of both parties. Also, it mitigates network congestion. 

  • Broker Sites

Similar to forex brokers, these also operate while establishing a connection between the buyers and sellers and staying in between as the third party. Here, the brokers set the cryptocurrency prices and buyers can make the purchase. 

Payment Methods for Purchase

The purchase methods can either be bank transfers, credit cards, or intermediaries. Here, some exchanges solely accept the crypto coins for the purchase of other tokens of the sort. If you are a newbie, try considering the sites that accept fiat and credit card as payment methods. 

Types of Crypto Tokens Provided for Trading

Simply put, the coins with high market capitalization value are easily and generally available to buy on almost every exchange. Also, there are smaller cryptocurrency exchange platforms that provide tokens with less market value that are not widely available. Furthermore, the platforms have an easy-to-use interface that allows easy surfing, and users can pick out their desired coins. Hence, no loophole is left by the platforms. 

The Inside Out of Crypto Market by Crypto Trade Patterns

Cryptocurrencies are the best performing assets class of 2021 that function like conventional money. Crypto Trade Patterns predicted the future rise and fall in the values of tokens. Therefore, traders started pulling profits from the bearish tokens that caused the market to fall from $3 trillion to $1.7 trillion. However, the individual values of the coins are again on the rise, which will surely draw the investors back. Ultimately profiting in the height. 

Bear Pennant

This trend spots strong downward trends in the digital crypto money market. Investors enjoy this particular phenomenon as it makes easier identification and once done, it can tip off long corrections. Bear pennant is a continuation pattern. In this, after a strong lower move, the crypto price pauses and consolidates concisely. Then, it breaks further down and resumes the large correction. It is so formed when the crypto values drop and buyers see that it is not enough inexpensive. They put the purchase on hold and wait for it to become favorable. 

Rectangle Pattern

It is the simplest and most popular among the rest. That is so because it identifies both the reversal and continuation. It forms when the price is consolidated after sustaining a bearish or bullish pattern. During this, the price stays in between the horizontal channels – resistance and support. The rectangle takes the shape when the price draws a horizontal line that touches the highs and lows. 

Triangle Pattern 

Triangles patterns are classified into three sorts; ascending, symmetrical, and descending. Each shows a different trend.

Ascending Triangles

Ascending triangles indicate a bullish continuation pattern where the high price swings and form a horizontal line. Whereas, the lower swings form a rising line in the trend, ultimately making an ascending triangle. The line that connects the higher lows indicates that the buyers are pushing the price of tokens high which is exhausting the sellers. 

Descending Triangles

Descending triangle trend is the opposite of pre-defined one as it indicates a bearish continuation. Here, the crypto market is sustained downward shows that buyers are exhausted and sellers are pushing the prices further down. The price breaks underneath the horizontal line so formed by connecting to the lower highs.