Are you browsing fashionable gifts for your expensive? Many fascinating ideas have developed and you will learn more about such a website, reading this post.

Majexy is an e-commerce platform with new offers around the world, along with the United States, which sells a wide range of products, including homes or gardening, decor and much more.

Reviews Majexy com are for independent people. Give us more information about the functions, use and opinions of users.

What is Majexy’s portal?

This e-shop founded in 2021, making it completely fresh even less than one year. Users can buy different elements of planting and art, devices and goods related to sports from home comfort using this page.

Here, this article discussed certain information about this page we found through analysis. We also exchange several observations. Read this exactly so that you can decide, Majexy com Legit or no.

All goods are displayed correctly in your Majexy portal. Suitable details also specified also a summary of items that provide customers with accurate knowledge about the product.

Specifications of this platform:

• Link URL Sites:

Website registered on: 10-04-2021

• Product: designed on the basis of a multinational gift shop. Sport products and decorations are bought.

• Our location – am Rainbach 2,6340 Baar, Switzerland

• E-mail address – [email protected]

• Contact number – not delivered

• HRS work – Mon-SAT 22:00 – 19:00

• Order cancellation: Not specified

• Tracking function – available

• Shipping time: All items delivered below 8-14 days.

• Reviews: No reviews Majexy com are available on the website.

• Return: Users have 30 days to take advantage of this return program.

• Delivery fee: Worldwide Shipment is free shopping above 30 USD.

• Payment method – PayPal card mode and credit card.

Pros Majexy Platform:

• The above online stores have a huge variety of the latest gadgets, all the highest standard and company.

• Over 30 USD you will receive a free delivery.

• The site includes https, which means that it is actually protected.

• There are many great offers.

• There are opportunities for replacement, refund and repayment.

• Checking Majexy com Reviews, we found a secure cash register.

• The site is becoming its goods around the world.

• Several open payment alternatives.

• This e-commerce website has many types of transport to ensure a shipment on time.

Conna Majexy Platform:

• No phone number on the page.

• A different site, such as a trust remote, seems to have no feedback.

• Products that supplied can not be canceled or changed.

• The result of the trust index is terrible.

• The website address is relatively new

• The name of the site owner is indefinite: analyze privacy policies!

• Low domain of life expectations.

Is Majexy com Legit?

• Website founded in 10-04-2021

• The existence of a social network: the existence of social media is present on the website like Instagram and Tweeter.

• Absential details: phone number, cancellation of the order, accurate date of domain creation.

• Company’s desire: This is not liked by citizens of the United States.

• Founder details: Not available.

• Trust index result: Poor assessment, only 1%

• Popularity of the site: she has gained no popularity.

• Majexy Site Reviews: We are not able to obtain opinions on other networks, including such a trust remote.

The result of the Trust platform indicator is actually scary. Even if it is too young, all criteria suggest that the website can be suspected and invisible.

Reviews Majexy com

We could not find a single opinion on the Majexy platform. In addition, this portal was associated with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but still does not work.

We even tried to get customers’ opinion on other websites, such as trust remote control, but did not receive any data. Only not Trustpilot, as well as other points of sale, did not find any opinions.

All details we have collected suggests that this platform may be fraud. We recommend examining the site before buying from this commodity.

If you want to learn more about the company, visit here:


Majexy sells a number of goods at an affordable price, including free delivery at orders over 30 USD and a simple refund policy. But there was still no reviews Majexy com available online while browsing.