You must practice and uphold healthy personal cleanliness standards to perform at your best. You should clean and care for your dentures the same way you would clean and care for your natural teeth, including flossing, brushing, and seeing the dentist.

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Dentures, on the other hand, function somewhat differently than natural teeth. Cleaning your dentures will be different, even though the challenges you face, like tartar and stains, will remain the same. We will teach you some healthy denture hygiene practices; before long, you won’t even have to think about them the way you brush your teeth. Dentures can have a long and healthy life if you take the time to learn how to clean and maintain them properly.

Where Should Dentures Be Kept?

Dentures can potentially become misshapen if they are allowed to dry out or if hot water is used to clean them. Dentures should be stored in water at room temperature or in a denture cleaning solution prescribed by the patient’s dentist whenever they are not worn.

Paper towels should never be used to wrap your dentures. They may very easily be confused with garbage and thrown away as such. Dentures should be stored in a secure location inaccessible to children and animals. Dentures are a popular toy for children and dogs, who enjoy gnawing on them.

Handling Dentures

It is essential to thoroughly clean your dentures before reinserting them, particularly if you have used a cleaning solution. Ingestion of the solution’s potentially dangerous ingredients may result in nausea, pain, or burns. Dentures are extremely fragile and have a high risk of shattering if dropped. When you remove or keep your dentures, you should always do it while holding them over a gentle cloth or while the sink is filled with water.


You require a unique toothbrush and cleaning designed specifically for dentures for your set. Regular toothpaste will eventually erode dentures’ material and harm them. Consult your dentist for advice or look at the selection at the retailer where you purchase oral care supplies.

To Properly Clean Dentures:

·   Remove your denture from your mouth and clean them.

·   Once or twice daily, clean your dentures with a brush and cleanser.

·   Rinse your dentures to remove any debris, including food particles.

·   Observe the denture cleaner’s instructions. You might need to rinse the dentures with water before placing them back in your mouth.

·   To safeguard your dentures if you drop them while brushing, clean them over a soft surface, such as a towel or blanket.


Maintaining your dentures will lessen the possibility of unwelcome bacteria growing on them. Additionally, daily cleaning will guarantee their continued excellent health.

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To prevent damage, always soak your dentures in a water-based solution when they are not in your mouth. Products designed specifically for washing dentures are available. You could also wish to get cleaning advice from your dentist or make an appointment with them for a thorough denture cleaning.

The Bottomline

Make sure to visit your dentist regularly to have your mouth and dentures checked out and cleaned. Visit your dentist early enough if you notice that your dentures are becoming loose. Remember, dentures that are too loose can lead to ulcers, discomfort, and infection in the mouth.

If you don’t have a dentist yet and are unsure where to find one, you can start by searching terms like “dentist near me Kelowna”. Doing so should produce some options that you can reach out to.