As the digital age continues to change the way our lives play out, you may wonder if postage meters still have a role to play. Maybe you like the idea of ​​franking your mail instead of using stamps. But you wonder how long you can still do it. 

In today’s fast-paced digital age, is there still a place for franking machines? Absolutely! These machines have long been a convenient means of automatic postage for parcels and letters, and they continue to be popular with businesses. After all, what could be more convenient and helpful than having your mini post office and one that works 24/7?

But with postal mail volumes declining, you might be thinking it’s time to say goodbye to trustworthy postage meters. Not so fast. Here’s a look at how and why postage meters still have a role in modern society.

What is a postage meter?

Imagine never having to queue at the post office to send a letter or a package. The franking machines are the answer to what many people consider as a disadvantage. 

franking machine is a machine designed to pay the postage in advance. It weighs the letter and provides you with exact postage based on weight.

Offices and large businesses benefit significantly from these machines due to their convenience and precision. For example, imagine that your employees regularly wait at the post office to send mail. With these machines, you can make sure that never happens.

How does postage work?

The overall process is straightforward, although some functions vary depending on the sophistication of each machine. For example, you can get your office workers to send direct messages in just a few easy steps.

Weigh the package: Each machine must have an integrated scale. Place the letter on the scale then you should get the correct weight to determine how much postage you will need.

Letter Size and Service Required: In this step, you will determine the type of service you will need and the size of the envelope or package.

Business Message: If you are a business, you can include your logo or a special message on the envelope so that people can identify your business. Type it on the postage meter, and it will print on the envelope.

Calculate Postage: Not only will the franking machine give you accurate postage, but it will also give you a discount. 

Print it on the envelope: Once you have made your selections, you are ready to print the envelope. You can place it in the correct slot and press print. The finished product will be an envelope with the date, precise postage, company logo and message, and a unique code.

The advantages of franking machines 

There is no doubt that physical mail volumes are declining, but we are far from seeing the complete disappearance of traditional postal mail. And as long as mail remains a relevant medium, your business should make sure it is delivered the most professionally and cost-effectively way possible.

It is where postage meters or franking machines come in. They can help businesses of all sizes increase productivity, efficiency and improve bottom lines.

Postage meters save you money

Let us start with the most obvious advantage of installing a postage meter: it’s cheaper. Prepaid mail costs less to send than stamped mail.

Postage meters save you time

Not only is the postage much faster than manually applying stamps, but because all of your postage is print in-house, you will need a lot fewer trips to the post office. Plus, postage meters or franking machines can recharge 24/7, so you are never at the mercy of post office opening hours. 

Postage meters are more professional

Every customer communication is an advertisement for your business. Whether you send an invoice, statement, reminder, or invitation, the envelope is the first thing your customers will see. Not only does prepaid mail give off a more professional image, but many postage meters also give you the option of printing short promotional messages alongside the postmark or even your company logo through the advertising flame.

Franking machines eliminate franking errors

As the postage meters come with a built-in scale, you can ensure that the postage you pay is what you need precisely. Gone are the days of sticking on multiple stamps of varying amounts that usually add up to more than necessary! 

The franking machines or postage meters are safer. However, postage stamps are one of the most stolen office supplies. In contrast, postage meters can equip with a security PIN code, which can only work by authorized personnel. 

Why are postage meters still vital for SMEs?

Years, if not decades ago, you probably thought that franking your mail would cost less than postage. And since then, you’ve probably seen huge savings firsthand using them. On top of that, you love the professional image your postage meter helps you project on every envelope. Plus, you do not have to worry about searching through drawers for stamps or waiting in line at your local post office to buy more when you run out. When you try to manage your outgoing mail, you find that nothing beats your postage meter. Nothing!