Maid Agency Singapore – The location that offers the highest quality cleaning and hygiene services in the Philippines. Please contact us if you are searching for a diligent, honest, and resourceful maid. Customers’ expectations are always met by Filipino Maid employees.

Maid Agency Singapore offers 3+ service packages.

Here are 3+ cleaning service bundles offered to you by Maid Agency!

Health care for the elderly, sick and children

Maid Agency, the most professional maid business today, provides consumers with a number of services. We are prepared to service the following target groups with a team of professional and highly specialized staff:

  • Old people.
  • Patient.
  • Children.
  • Infant.
  • Elderly.
  • Pregnant mother.

Depending on the client’s demands and budget, Maid Agency always provides the most complete care packages thus You may hire a Filipino Maid by the hour or stay at home, the team at the firm is always ready to work 24/7.

The purpose of Maid Agency is to assist and care for your loved ones’ health. We are devoted to properly educating employees and establishing suitable conditions for clients to monitor and track activities at any time and from any location.

Multi-option commercial service

Is your office, workshop, or communal living area in need of cleaning? This basic cleaning demand may be fully met by a maid agency in Singapore. We have a team of highly qualified employees that have experience cleaning any space.

Maid Agency Singapore provides a variety of services

Staff at Maid Agency In Singapore are always categorized based on their professional abilities. As a result, you may totally delegate the cleaning task to us. You will almost certainly obtain a number of surprising outcomes.

Other services available at Filipino Maid

Currently, Maid Agency In Singapore offers a variety of various cleanup and cleaning services, including the following:

Other services
Carpet cleaningWindow cleaningWood furniture cleaning
We will handle carpets that are old or tough to clean efficiently.We can clean every corner of the window, from the glass door to the patterned door, wherever it is set.There will be wood types that need to be cleaned in a particular way.
Laundry ServiceEmpty the trashDish washing
When you choose to trust us, your clothes, bedding, and other items become easier to clean.Do you want to re-use the recycling bin? We can entirely “transform the look” of your waste.Beautiful dishes on display or in storage that need to be cleansed? We can quickly make your dishes shine.

Check out some popular services at Maid Agency Singapore.

Maid Agency In Singapore – The sustainable choice

Here are 3+ reasons why you should choose Maid Agency Singapore.

Provide quality Filipino Maid services

We have Filipino maids in addition to maids in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, and Myanmar. You may reach us through a variety of channels, including email, Whatsapp, a hotline, Facebook, and Instagram.

We are always prepared to provide you with the greatest cleaning services. Come to Maid Agency Singapore, and your clients’ living spaces will be fully cleaned, providing you with many moments of great pleasure.

Rent the best Filipino maids here.

Reasonable and assured cleaning expenses

We not only serve our customers with high-quality service, but we also have exceptionally low cleaning charges. You will, without a doubt, be treated with the same amount of money that you have been spending. Maid Agency Singapore does not bias against any consumer.

Even if you have a low financial ability, you can still utilize our services at any moment. The cost of cleaning and cleaning may be adjusted to fit any budget. Customers will undoubtedly not be regretting placing their belief in us.

Able to set a regular cleaning schedule

If you want your living environment to be re-cleaned and cleaned on a regular basis while using our services, you may set up a frequent plan. The Filipino Maid crew is always ready to deliver you the greatest relaxing moments from your home.

We may clean the customer’s living area again after one week, one month, or one year. This means you may tailor the cleaning time to your specific requirements. 4 days, 8 days, or 2 weeks…


Maid Agency Singapore is clearly the best option for any living environment. If you need to tidy your living space. Pick up the phone and call us right now to get the best prices.