Isn’t Christmas the most magical part of the year? You get some days off, you get together with your loved ones, and you celebrate life together. While it is all about family and love, it is also about that festive spirit, gifts, and decorations. Streets are suddenly so shiny and beautiful and everyone is in a much better mood than before. No matter whether you’re hosting a Christmas party this year or not, the chances are that you’re looking for creative ways to decorate your home this season. If you want to try something new and make your home the perfect holiday destination, here are some tips that might push you in the right direction!

Decorate the door

When decorating, it’s good to work your way through the home. So, why not start from the doors? It’s a rather simple task to decorate the doors and you’ll be done within minutes. The best thing is that you’ll create an inviting and festive atmosphere immediately.

All you need for this is some ribbons. However, any kind of fabric could work. With some tape and scissors, you could create a door that seems like it is wrapped as a gift. Of course, you could let your imagination run and go for something else, but this is the simplest and cutest option if you don’t have much time!

Set up the table

When it comes to the dining room, the best decoration is always on the table. However, if you want to present the food in the best possible way, there are a couple of ways to do so. What you should always remember is that colours are essential.

As long as you ensure to combine white, red, and green, you’ll have a true Christmas dinner table. Don’t forget to include some festive napkins, crackers, citrus garland, and other natural touches. Any of these will make your Christmas supper stand out even before you start getting the dishes out! Furthermore, to make the heart-shaped necklace more special, you can also carve her name on it. Furthermore, you can buy wholesale ornaments online if you are planning to give Christmas decors to your mother.

Put up some vases

Some clear vases could be the perfect foundations for a Christmas decoration. If you have some flower-free see-through vases, make sure to clean them up well and prepare them for the counters, tables, and window sills.

The Christmas ornaments in similar colours could be placed in a single vase. With some lights wrapped around them, they’ll look divine. Put a couple of such vases on the counter and look how sophisticated and unique your home will look for this Christmas.

Make a wreath

Making a wreath is another way to decorate your home this holiday season. All you need for this DIY project are gloves, thin wire, thin twine, evergreen foliage, and decorative features. You could use moss, pine cones, berries, or flowers. Anything that reminds you of Christmas time will do.

After you’ve done it, you can put it up on the doors, above the mantelpiece, or whenever you feel like it might look good. If you want to spice things up, you can forget about the conventional wreath and make one entirely out of candy.

Decorate the banister

You’ll want the holiday spirit to go through the whole house. Creating smart transitions will help you achieve that easily. For instance, decorating the banister might be the ideal way to connect the decorations on all of the floors in your home.

As for the decoration, the best way to go is to throw in some lights and simple ornaments. For instance, penguin toys on a white fabric along the stairs could seem pretty wintery. On the other hand, you could use branches with ornaments and lights to make it more luxurious. Visit Polar X Ornaments for more ideas.

Don’t forget the doorway

For the festive spirit to flow around the home uninterrupted, you should decorate every part of the home. That means that the doorways shouldn’t be neglected either. The best way to decorate your hallways is to put some branches around the doorways.

With the decorative lights and an ornament here and there, your hallway will look amazing. Your family and your guests will adore it and it will elevate the whole house. With some Christmas themed pillows or blankets, you’ll create the best possible atmosphere.

Create a winter display

You could create a Christmas corner in your living room quite easily. You can start with getting a tree with similar-looking branches and wrapping the lights around them. Next to that, you could put up a shelf with the drinks and the rest of the decorations.

For instance, you could start by making sure that all of the bottles and glasses are red, gold, and white. Then, you could add cute Christmas decorations such as white stars, baubles, small wreaths, and trees. All of this will immediately make the room more festive even if you don’t have the time to decorate every corner of it!

Get those decorative pillows

Winter is the one season when warmth and comfort are accentuated the most. One way to bring more warmth into your home this Christmas is by putting up some cute throw pillows. You can order some with Christmas colours, patterns, or decorations.

These will be perfect if your home is mostly monochromatic and you need something effective to break this and make it more festive. For a whole white room, make sure to get some red and gold pillows and some blankets as well.

Play with the lights

You don’t have to just put the lights around the tree or the window. There are plenty of ways to use most of them and one of the best ideas is to combine them with some glass bottles. If you have some glass bottles you haven’t used for a while, you’ve just found them a perfect purpose!

You can put them on a shelf in the living room. Place more of them next to each other and you’ll just look forward to getting dark outside. You can even go a step further and make a Christmas tree out of these bottles!

Use the jars

Again, if you have numerous jars in your house and you simply don’t know what to do with them, you could use them for Christmas decorations. With the help of some faux snow, you’ll have white Christmas in your home, no matter the weather outside!

To make the snowy lanterns out of glass jars, you’ll need to mix salt with glitter and apply the mix to the jars with some glue. Use faux greenery (or real if you have it in the yard) to wrap it around the mouth of the jar and put the lanterns around the home!

Make paper houses

Is there anything more Christmassy than a snowy village? Of course, there isn’t! That is exactly why you could make a small snowy village out of paper as a part of your Christmas decoration. You can use anything white for the base and you can use white and gold glitter paper to make the decorations.

If you have kids, you can include them in making this decoration. Split the tasks or have each make their own paper house. You can throw in some trees as well. Having the whole family on board will make these decorations even more personal and loveable. It will definitely be your favourite this year!

Make a basket

What is your first association when winter or Christmas are mentioned? If the answer is snow, trees, fire, and family, then this is the perfect decoration for your home. It’s a simple wood basket full of the things we love the most about winter. It doesn’t have to be a large one. Depending on where you’ll place it, you could pick a smaller one as well.

Gather some branches and put them in the box. Throw in some Christmas lights as well. This could be it, but you could add other ornaments as well. You could even place the gifts around this adorable basket and you’ll create everyone’s favourite decoration of the year.

Put up the curtain lights

Finally, you can do the simplest thing and have the biggest impact. For a large window and a white or neutral curtain, make sure to get the Christmas lights. These are ideal for any Christmas party and it doesn’t matter whether it’s just your family, friends, or a more formal gathering. It is the best possible backdrop!

You can hang these string lights in front of a wall as well if you don’t have a suitable window. However, they work best on a window. The plus is that your home looks better from the outside as well. It really brings that festive spirit. The house will glow and so will you and all of your guests!


Christmas is just around the corner and decorating the home is everyone’s priority at the moment. If you want something different this year, you are welcome to try out some of these interesting decorating ideas. Depending on your home, the party you have planned, your time, and your ambitions, you’ll be able to find the best decorations for this holiday season!