Are you ready to feel secure leaving your home? Do you want to be able to easily carry self-defence equipment? For the most important information, read this article.

Today’s composition discusses a self defence item and its brand. There are many countries that women, such as the United States or the United Kingdom or the Canada would like to know more about the item. You can also learn more about the Keychain by visiting this account.

What does the Keychain Mace mean?

Mace is an American brand that sells personal security products, such as alarms for apartments, pepper guns and pepper sprays. One of their products is a keychain that comes with an irritant Spray. This handy device can also be used by women to protect themselves.

Ladies can attach the Custom Keychain to their keys and use it for its purpose of fastening them together. They no longer have to carry their pepper spray separately. Because of the anchored keys, it’s easier to find in a bag or pocket for an emergency.

What’s Inside The Apple Weapon

The Pepper spray is attached to a keychain as part of the Mace product. The spray is an aerosol tear gas made of phenacyl chlorineide and hydrocarbon solutions. The aerosol spray comes in a single can.

The constituent can also be called chloroacetophenone. It is used as tear gas by police to deal with violent situations. Alan Lee Litman was the original inventor of Mace spray. It was invented in the 1960s. A conman will not react if this product is sprayed on his face.

What’s Wear on a Chain Practical for Women?

Even though anyone can use a mace keychain as personal security, it’s particularly useful for women. Gangsters often exploit women’s inability to physically fight men. Ladies should have a self defence item to combat these disgusting men.

Mace can be found in a chain format, which is great for emergencies. The attached chain makes it simple to grab the spray from a pocket or bag. Women don’t have to keep another pepper spray in their purses, which can make them bulky. They can also use the product to carry their keys, and protect themselves from danger outside.

Is New York’s Keychain Lawful?

According to New York’s state law, it is prohibited to sell or procure mace pepper sprays. The ladies of the state have requested that the law be amended through multiple channels. A blog by a woman activist reports that she was attacked by a street troublemaker, but her mace saved her. Unfortunately, the product could not be delivered to New York and she had no choice but to purchase it from New Jersey.


The brand’s portal has many self-defense products, including the Keychain. This item can be used to protect women from the evil acts of some street people.