The designer brand was created by Sana Safinaz and is named after their creators. The designer brand’s collections feature rich traditional embroidery, drawing inspiration from Sindhi and Kelash’s cultural history.

Two flagship stores are located in Karachi and Lahore. In addition, clients can shop in-store for designer clothing by Sana Safinaz. In addition, Sana Safinaz online shopping site is available for remote shoppers. It features a user-friendly interface that allows you to place orders online.

The brand offers various Pakistani designers, including casual wear, formal wear, and wedding dresses. Sana Safinaz has ready-to-wear dresses in sizes ranging between small and extra-large. They also have unstitched collections for seasonal wear. Sana Safinaz has a wide selection of ethnic men’s clothing, including various men’s kurtas and shalwar suits. You can shop their online store for items at incredible discounts and, if you’re lucky, get up to half off.

Sana Safinaz has a reputation for launching multiple lawn collections each year. These lawn collections can include both casual and luxurious lawn options. The luxury lawn collection 2021 from Asifa and Nabeel features over 12 stunning designs that will leave your jaw-dropping. The shirts, a three-piece unstitched lawn collection, are made exclusively from lawn fabric. In addition, they have beautiful digital prints and embroidered patches that make them even more stunning. The dupattas are made from silk, net, and chiffon fabrics, which is why they have been called luxury.

There are several embroidery patches that can be used to make the shirts. They add up to about 3 meters of fabric, which allows them to be stitched in any style and size. The colors are vibrant and appropriate for summer, making them a captivating color choice. Sana Safinaz’s trousers are made of cotton fabric. Some articles include embroidered patches. Suits are available unstitched or stitched at the Sana Safinaz expert stitching facility. Prices start at Rs 9400. Plain stitching costs Rs 10,000, while to have the dress made fancily as the model wears it, it will cost Rs 14,000

Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is one of the most prominent and well-known fashion designers in Pakistan. He started his career as a jewel designer more than a decade back. After starting his jewelry shop, Asim Jofa went on to earn his degree at Central Saint Martins. After that, he continued to design clothing. The designer has been featured on many runways around the world and won IAFA’s Best Designer Brand award in 2012 and the Pakistan Fashion Awards Collection of the Year award.

Fashion-lovers can find an array of outfits from Asim Jofa. They have semi-formal wear, luxury wear, party wear, fancy dresses, and Pakistani wedding dresses. Asim Jofa offers sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. You can shop luxurious collections online and pay a high price for your outfit to be stitched exactly like the model. Asim Jofa offers a fully functioning online shop and delivers to all countries. The Asimjofa dresses are highly sought after by Pakistani women. They are known for their extravagant designs, rich embroidery, stunning embellishments, and great color choices.

Asimjofa lawn collection is a huge hit that hits the shops and the online shop every year. The brand’s lawn collection is very popular and highly sought-after. Asimjofa Luxury Summer Lawn Collection 2020 is an extravagant collection that will be available for summer 2021. It features some of the most elegant lawn dresses you’ll ever see. The collection comes in a variety of price points. It is made using three-piece unstitched attires, which retail anywhere from Rs 8450 to R 11450. This range is ideal for semi-formal and luxury wear. In addition, We can wear it at special events, including parties and Eid celebrations.

The outfits can be drooled over as they are made with top-quality fabrics such as lawn, cotton, silk, chiffon, and lawn jacquard. There are many dresses available in vibrant colors such as blues and reds and pinks, reds, and reds. You can also find dresses in pastels that are summer-friendly. There are a variety of embroideries, prints, and embellishments in this collection. The Pakistani dress can be stitched by Asim Jofa for a luxury price of Rs 10,000. Detailed information is included along with any additional information.

Erum Khan

Erum Khan, a Pakistani designer who founded her brand in 2011, is well-known for combining traditional and modern trends to create stunning designs. Several of her collections have been displayed at fashion shows, including Bridal Couture Week and PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week.

Erum Khan has gained a broad client base from around the globe. Her beautiful Pakistani bridal gowns, luxurious prets, and heavy formals are well-known—the sizes in the Erum Khan collection range from small to large.

Erum Khan is known for her fashionable pret collection, which is very desirable. She also offers unstitched collections, which are extremely popular. Luxury lawn dresses from the brand are highly regarded, and not just for the right reasons. The designer has an online shop to serve clients all over the globe. He also has flagship stores in major cities like Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Work is ongoing to expand the store network. You can shop for your favorite outfits at incredible discounts of up to 20%.

The Erum Khan Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2021, one of the most recent releases by the brand, is a luxurious suit made with a lawn that can be worn semi-formally during the summer season. The collection features a range of unstitched three-piece pieces that come in over ten designs. It is made with lawn or schiffli shirts that are heavily embroidered or feature beautiful prints. In addition, the designer chose premium fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and organza for the dupattas.

The shirts come with more than 3 meters of fabric, so you can design and sew them in any size or style. Cambric trousers can be plain or with schiffli patches. They also come with embroidered organza pieces. You can choose from a variety of printed dupattas as well as elegantly embroidered dupattas. You can choose from attractive colors such as lilac and teal and black, blue, yellow, red, white, black, and other colors. You can find pretty dresses at a variety of prices, from Rs 8.500 to Rs 9.000.