1. Frontal lace wigs:

Everyone praises frontal lace wigs because they are worth buying. A frontal lace wig possesses many useful features that make them a hot selling wig. If you’re also looking for a good quality frontal lace wig then go to Luvmehair. Luvme has premium quality frontal lace wigs that are super affordable. 

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Why is the frontal lace wig selling so hot?

Let’s talk about the hype of frontal lace wigs and why they’re hot-selling wigs.

Realistic appearance:

Frontal lace wig provides you with an unbelievably realistic appearance because of its frontal melted lace. The lace is made of sheer mesh that perfectly matches your skin and melts on the scalp. A frontal lace wig seems like your natural hair and no one can detect that you’re wearing a wig. Its hand-tied strands seem like naturally growing hairs from the scalp.

Beginner friendly:

A frontal lace wig is a newbie’s friendly and anyone can install it at home without the help of a stylist. One can easily put on and off the wig in no time. Its quick and easy installation is making it popular among newbies. You can apply it with or without glue. Frontal lace wigs didn’t require much effort to maintain them.

Flexible styling options:

The best thing about frontal lace wigs is that it enables you to opt for various hairstyles that involve middle or side parting. You can use it for any occasion and get your dreamy hairstyle without damaging your natural hair.


The fine and thin lace material of the frontal lace wig is super breathable. It keeps your scalp comfortable and doesn’t cause itchiness or heaviness over the head. You can easily wear the wig in any weather without being uncomfortable.

2. Short bob wigs:

Short bob wigs make you look confident and eye catchy. Bob wigs are always in vogue because they are versatile and require low maintenance. If you wanna buy amazing quality short bob wigs then visit Luvmehair. Luvme has the finest quality bob wigs that are made of virgin human hair. They are available in different textures and sizes. 

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Styling options:

Let’s talk about the style options that can you make by short bob wig:

Deep side parting:

You can make a deep side parting look of your short bob wig. You can keep the bob straight or add waves to it to get a breathtaking look.

French bob:

You can make your short bob wig a French bob and add waves or soft curls. This style looks ravishing and makes you look appealing.

Bob with bangs:

Add bangs to your short bob wig to get a chic and cute look. No doubt bob with bangs is a crowd-pleasing look.

Hair accessory:

You can add hair accessories to your short bob wig. Style your short bob wig with a headband, scarves, or any hairpin that gives a funky yet modish look.

Bangs and Top knot:

Turn your simple short bob wig into glamorous by adding bangs and making a top knot. This hairstyle is just wow. It makes you look prettier and more stylish. You can also make space buns out of your short bob wig.

3. Glueless wigs:

The glueless wig is the hot favorite wig because of its timeless and effortless installation. It’s the best wig for working ladies who run short of time so just put it on your head, adjust it and you’re good to go. If you also wanna buy glueless wigs then knock at luvmehair. Luvme has an amazing variety of glueless wigs that are made of premium quality material. 

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Installation Process:

The installation process of the glueless wig:

  • Firstly, you need to prep your natural hair. Make sure your hair is clean and dry. Secure your natural hair by making braids, low ponytails, or cornrows.
  • Now wear a wig cap and adjust it along your hairline to cover all your natural hair.
  • Now put on your glueless wig and adjust its comb and adjustable strap. Make sure you wear it at the right point and clip all combs perfectly so it can stay for longer hours.
  • It’s time to cut off the excessive lace. You can cut the lace in a zigzag pattern to create a natural look like a hairline.
  • You can apply concealer or foundation to the middle parting lace to match it with your skin tone and achieve a seamless natural look.
  • After you’re done with adjusting and prepping your glueless wig, style it as you want and you’re ready to slay your glueless look in no time.