1. Bob lace front wigs:

   1.1 Care line:

      1.1.1 Invest in care products:

      1.1.2 Washing technique:

      1.1.3 Put off the wig:
2. Closure wig:

   2.1 Storage methods:

      2.1.1 Original packaging:

      2.1.2 Wig head or stand:

      2.1.3 Satin silk bag:

      2.1.4 Carton or shoe box:

      2.1.5 Travel box:
3. Headband wig human hair:

   3.1 Professional tips:

      3.1.1 Material:

      3.1.2 Texture:

      3.1.3 Length:

      3.1.4 Color:

      3.1.5 Separate headbands:

1. Bob lace front wigs:

Bob lace front wigs give a whole new look to your personality. This wig is pretty easy to install because of the frontal lace. You can also install it without glue. Bob’s lace front wig is available at luvmehair at a reasonable price. It’s available in different lengths, textures, and types. If you’re a bob lover then must check out the collection of bob wigs from luvmehair and enjoy the best wig within your budget.

Care line:

Here we’ll discuss some care lines to avoid damage to the bob lace front wig.

Invest in care products:

If you want to keep your bob lace front wig as new then must invest in its care products. Get shampoo and conditioner that are specially made for the wig. Like you invest in your natural hair, you also have to pay attention to the care of fake hair to use for a longer period. High-quality products didn’t bring frizz and dryness to your bob wig.

You can also buy some essential oil-infused serums to keep the wig moisturized and hydrated. The serum will keep alive the luster and shine of the bob wig and make it eye catchy. The hydration and moisture in the wig also lower the chances of getting tangles and frizz.

Washing technique:

Don’t wash your bob lace front wig too often. Wash it after wearing it almost ten times. Wash the lace of the bob lace front wig gently because the sheer mesh can be easily ripped off if you pull it while washing. So be gentle and properly wash the wig to remove all the dirt and sweat from it.

Put off the wig:

Put off the wig when not necessary to wear. Like while sleeping, don’t wear the wig. Resistance and friction can cause damage to bob lace front wig and fragile material of lace can also get damaged. But if you have to sleep with the wig then make sure to use a silk pillowcase to avoid friction.

Don’t wear the bob lace front wig while swimming. Because the chlorinated water of the pool can damage the color and material of the wig.

2. Closure wig:

The temple-to-temple installation of the closure wig makes life easy by proving easy installation. It enables you to opt for maximum styles and a closure wig is the first choice for many working ladies. This wig didn’t require much time to put on and off so it’s a big yes to opt for a closure wig.

If you’re also looking for a closure wig then the only reputable source is a luvmehair. Luvmehair has high-quality human hair-made closure wigs that are not prone to shedding and tangling. Closure wig from luvmehair are available at reasonable prices so it’s within reach of everyone. Must check the collection of closure wigs from luvmehair, you’ll be amazed by the types of closure wigs.

If you invest to get the best wig then make your investment valuable so should know the best methods to store the wig safely. Proper storage of a wig can increase its lifespan and lets you enjoy your investment for a longer time.

Storage methods:

Let’s take a sneak peek into the methods of storing closure wigs:

Original packaging:

Storing the wig in its original packaging is an amenity. The original packing of the closure wig is made in a way that keeps the wig away from all mishaps and even retains the shape of the wig. So opting for the original packaging of the wig for storing the wig is the safest method.

Wig head or stand:

Another safest method to store your closure wig is a wig head or a wig stand. This method also keeps the wig in its shape and avoids tangles. The wig head just acts like a human head and keeps the wig safe from dirt and damage and also keeps the fragile lace safe. But don’t forget to cover the closure wig with bonnets to keep it dust free. It is the best option to air dry the wig as well.

Satin silk bag:

This is the most economical, safe, and easy-to-carry wig storage option. Your closure wig can be stored in a satin or silk bag for a longer time as it prevents the wig from direct sunlight, dirt and damage. The satin bag keeps the shine of the wig alive and keeps the texture smooth by preventing tangles. Also, this wig storage option is travel friendly.

Carton or shoe box:

These methods are also safe and budget-friendly to store the closure wig. You can store the wig in a shoe or carton box and keep it in your closet that’s how you can store your wig away from direct sunlight, and dust.

Travel box:

The travel box is made of Styrofoam and it’s a budget-friendly option to store the wig. You can store your closure wig in a travel box. It will retain the shape of the wig and protects the strands from dust and direct sunlight. These storage options are economical and safest to use.

3. Headband wig human hair:

Headband wig human hair is the best option to alter your thin hair. The headband perfectly covers your hairline and gives the appearance of a natural hairline. A human hair-made headband wig is available at luvmehair.

It looks exactly like natural hair and is available in different textures and sizes. The biggest advantage of a headband wig is that you can change the headbands and it changes the look of the overall wig. Must check the collection of headband wig human hair from luvmehair, you can’t resist buying it.

Professional tips:

Let’s get into the tips to choose the best headband wig for human hair.


Firstly, examine the type of material. Always prefer to go for a human hair-made headband wig. You can buy a high-quality headband wig with human hair from luvmehair. The human hair material lasts longer and didn’t look false.


The right material and natural texture of the headband wig make it more pleasing and appealing. Go choose the texture that looks natural and compliments your personality.


Length should also be considered to get a headband wig human hair. Go for a moderate length that you can carry easily and confidently.


The color of the wig also matters. Use the color wheel or seek the help of an expert to choose the right headband wig color according to your complexion.

Separate headbands:

While buying a headband wig with human hair, buy some extra headbands that you can use from time to time on different occasions to change the look of your headband wig.