Lushintimate clothing is a brand of comfortable and luxurious intimate wear products. It can meet your expectations for comfortable, fitted underwear for women of all sizes. This brand is online and offline; both when checking out the Lush Intimate Apparel Review, the brand is active on leading social media platforms, but we found some gaps when talking about the website.

US people are confused as to whether the site is trustworthy or not.

What is luxury intimate clothing?

Lush Intimate Apparel is a clothing website dealing with intimate clothing for women. This brand sells bras, swimming trunks, nightwear, comfortable clothing for women of all sizes. The product design and colors are attractive and unique. Still, useful information is only available on social media pages, especially their Facebook page. In the Lush Intimate Apparel Review, we found people shared their satisfaction with the service and the products in the comments.


• Website link:

• Portal type: This is an online shopping portal for intimate clothing

• Address: Cannot be found on the site, but is available from other internet sources

• E-mail address: [email protected]

• Contact number: +1 208-820-1111

• Order cancellation: Information not available

• Shipping Policy: Information not available

• Shipping cost: $ 6.00

• Return: not listed

• Refund: Not available.

• Exchange: no data available.

• Social media existence: available

• Payment modes: I’m not sure. Icons are available for the card but no further information is available.

What are the benefits of buying from Lush Intimate Apparel?

• InLush Intimate Apparel Review, we found good feedback on the handling.

• Special offers for the weekend

• The site is HTTPS protected

• Former presence on the market

• Trust score is good.

What are the consequences of buying from Lush Intimate Apparel?

• The website interface is not user-friendly.

• The site has many broken links.

• We found missing information on the website.

• The website does not meet the professional criteria for product representation.

• Refunds are not available for online purchases.

• Refunds are not available for online purchases.

• Currency options are not available.

Is luxury intimate clothing legal?

It is unclear whether the site is legit or not. Find her with us.

• Missing information: Email address and contact numbers are not available on the website but are available from other internet sources and social media sites.

• Brand creation date: Creation date is 02/05/2018.

• Registration Name:

• Existence on social media: Facebook and Instagram

• Authenticity of address: Not available on the web portal. The store address is provided in other internet sources.

• Owner Information: Available

• Plagiarism content: The content is 100% plagiarized.

• Trust score: 84%

• Brand popularity: the brand is popular.

• Broken Link: More than one broken link has been detected.

• Payment methods: icons are available but do not redirect to the next page.

• Review of luxurious intimate clothing: mixed

As you can see above, the site has more than one broken link and the relevant criteria do not match; hence we conclude that the site is suspicious and not legitimate.

What is a buyer’s Lush Intimate Apparel review?

It turned out that the brand is active on Facebook, and there is also another social media source in the form of Instagram. We didn’t find much information on product reviews, but did find some good customer feedback on service and product quality. We also noticed that none of them were online buyers and some comments were hidden, indicating a lack of transparency. These issues raised the question mark Is Lush Intimate Apparel Legal?

Final verdict

As we mentioned earlier, the website has many vulnerabilities. If we say that the interface of the website is not professional and user-friendly, some links are not working well. Product returns and refunds are also not available for online purchases. All of these points indicate that shopping on this site is not secure. Therefore, we end this because is suspicious and not legitimate. Shopping on this site is not safe. We cannot ignore the fact that the interface is not user-friendly. We found a contact number on the Facebook page that you can call before ordering directly from the website.