Do you enjoy buying different kinds of wristwatches? Do you own an assortment of watches to reflect your style? Have you come across a site known as Outerwatches which offers a variety of wristwatches? Check out this article to know the details of one their products.

In our report today we’ve talked about what we know about the Lowmat Dust Watch Review that people from all over the world such as those from the United States and India are keen to know more about. Check out this article to learn more details about the wristwatch.

What is Lowmat Dust Watch?

Lowmat Dust Watch is one of the wristwatches from the Outcarb collection that is part of their OTR series. It is a budget and trendy watches. The model is black with an elegant and stylish band. The dial is analog, making the appear sleek and simple. The brand’s owners are offering this wristwatch at no cost on their online website.


Below are the features of this product to get an idea of this review of the Lowmat Dust Watch Review.

  • Cost of the ProductOriginally $150, now it’s completely free, as per the latest deal.
  • Shape of Case –Round
  • Dimensions and thickness of the case40 millimeters and 8 millimeters respectively.
  • Case MaterialStainless steel
  • Case Color-Brushed black
  • Movement Type – Battery powered
  • Type of Glass –Hardened
  • Dial Color – Black
  • Inside Dial –Two hands with black hands and white scales
  • Waterproof Rating –IP64
  • Strap MaterialStainless steel mesh
  • Strap Color – Black
  • Exchangeable Strap –Yes


  • The product’s black hue can be worn with any outfit This is a good thing. lowmat dust Watch Test.
  • The dial is easy and makes it easy to find the time fast, since it’s not cluttered with numerous dials or hands.


  • Many users might not be at ease with the analog dial since the majority of people of today like digital-based dials.
  • The rating for water resistance on this watch indicates that the watch is not adequately protected from powerful water jets. This means that the watch could be damaged during heavy rain.

Is Lowmat Dust Watch Legit?

You can find out more information regarding the brand of this product that will allow you to determine if it’s genuine or not. It will also help enhance your knowledge of this product. Lowmat Dust Watch Review.

  • Brand Name –Outcarb
  • Brand Age Brand Age The website of the brand is 6 months old when the developers designed it on the 5th of April, 2021.
  • brand Trust Score of5 percent This is classified as a Very Poor Trust Score.
  • brand ranking for Alexa –963,306 which is an average rank.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews There is a variety of reviews of the watches from this brand on numerous forums on the Internet.
  • Owner Contact Information Owner Contact Details The physical address of the website is associated with an accounting company located in Singapore that provides tax and auditing services and is not connected to an online retailer that sells watches. In relation to Lowmat Dust Watch Review, Lowmat Dust Watch Review it is an important fact. Furthermore, there is no contact number listed on the site which means that customers can communicate with the owners via mail since their address is a bit shady.
  • Facebook and Twitter PresenceThe Social Media icons displayed together with the product’s descriptions let users login to share the link. However, we did find the profiles of this brand for Facebook and Twitter however, they aren’t linked to its official website.

The information above indicate that the brand’s authenticity is questionable. We cannot however declare it legal since it’s a brand that’s new.

Lowmat Dust Watch Review

We could not locate any reviews from customers about this product online on the Web. However, there are authentic reviews on other products by this brandthat mostly ask questions about the authenticity of the brand. Customers have posted on Quora that this brand usually gives the watches free of charge but they have to pay a significant shipping fee to cover the deal. In addition, as per one Outcarb review published on Reddit the reviewer complained about the watch’s quality and claimed that the watch started to deteriorate within a couple of days of use.


Based on our research about Lowmat Dust Watch Review, based on our investigation of Lowmat Dust Watch Review the product and its name seem to be suspect. We recommend to read its reviews thoroughly prior to purchasing it. Also, you should know how to tell If the Product is Genuine or not to ensure that you do not purchase counterfeit products.

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