When it comes to low-cost traveling, most people end up thinking of barely lit hostels, questionable food, and sketchy locations. Common misconceptions like this make travelers stray away from the backpacker lifestyle and keep overspending as luxury tourists.

Traveling on a budget lets you have a different type of experience wherever you’re going. From the fun hostel life, immersion, and also the places you’ll be able to see.

Here, we’re going to show you all the good things that come with low-cost traveling.

The Different Local Delicacies


Going to fancy restaurants is going to put a huge dent in your travel budget. Rather than looking for those 5-star eateries, you can just go to what’s cheap and local.

Eating what the locals eat lets you understand more about their culture. They’re usually located in small inner parts of the neighborhood and also food stalls which you can find around the side of the streets.

The people who make this food aren’t trained professionals that serve in fine dining restaurants. 

You Get to Sightsee a Lot

Being on tours means that you’re going to be taken to specific spots on your vacation. Their itinerary makes you sit down and limit the number of places you’ll be able to go to. 

Sometimes you can even say it’s boring and not even worth it.

Getting on public transport lets you save while having a better experience. Whether it is a small boat, bus, or even a tricycle lets you see more interesting areas of the vicinity. There’s also the part where you’re able to go to lesser-known areas that serve better food.

Going to the Road Less Taken

Rather than spending your money on heading to tourist destinations, you can have your own fun and look for lesser-known places. 


You can hang around the place and ask the locals if they know any secret spots like hidden beaches or backtrails with awesome views. You can even bring a folding chair design like a backpack so you can sit back and relax while you enjoy the place.

Heading to places where the tourists can’t get lets you feel what it’s like to live like a local and get a peek at what it’s like to live there. It lets you explore more of the area, letting you know that it has more to show to you compared to what the tour packages in the brochures offer you.

You can Hangout With the Locals

Going somewhere far away from your home just to stay at your own hotel and dine at their restaurant sounds comfortable. But what’s the point? It’s no different to staying at your home and ordering takeout.

Traveling low-cost lets you live like the locals and even lets you intermingle with them. For example, if you’re travelling to Malaysia, you can expect a low-budget trip and according to iVisa, you’re only required to pay $80 for a Malaysian visa which is quite affordable. You’re able to experience what they do in their everyday life, letting you immerse in their culture.

You can also make friends with some locals. They’ll help you around the place and even give you some advice on how to save more while you’re there.

Spending Less Helps You Travel More

Becoming a budget traveler keeps you from going all out during your stay. This means if you’re able to stay for longer periods of time to wherever you’re staying.


You travel slower, which helps you immerse more around the area, especially if you’re using their public transportation. This also gives you more time to explore around the country and even go back to areas where you really like.

If you’re at the end of your trip and still have money left to spend then why not grab a few souvenirs? Like heading to a trade show booth rental in Las Vegas that sells various types of items you can bring home.

You Can Make Good Friends Along the Way


Most budget travelers tend to stay in hostels where it lacks some of the amenities that hostels tend to have. Bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas are shared with other local hostel guests which limits personal space. 

Though with this setting, it creates an atmosphere where you’re able to intermingle with backpackers. These meetings help expand your mind and culture with the stories and plans that other budget backpackers are able to share with you.

By saving money from spending on luxurious hostels, you’re able to make new friends and potential travel partners for your next plans.

You Get Creative


Low-cost traveling lets people be creative with their daily activities. Having a tight budget means that they create unconventional methods of going around to explore the place.

Most budget travelers tend to not have a clear plan on how they’ll explore the country and just end up winging it. It depends on their strategy but they usually make their trip worthwhile every day without spending too much on expensive tours.

Rather than signing up for a tour, it’s better to do it yourself when traveling. It’s a good idea to know DIY tips that can help you along with your next adventures if you’re planning on budget traveling.

It Lets You Face Challenges


When it comes to budget traveling, it’s not much of a comfortable experience since you need to plan everything by yourself. There are going lot’s of ups and downs with this type of travel lifestyle so you’re going to face a lot of challenges along the way.

With the limited budget you have, you need to make a lot of alternative decisions in order to make your trip worthwhile.


As low-cost traveling is different compared to your conventional luxury tourist travel, it’s going to offer a different type of experience. It’s also another method of seeing the entire place without spending too much money during your stay.


Though what matters when traveling is less about the spending but more on how much you’ve enjoyed your trip.

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