Stock market can help an individual to improvise their earnings but with the right approach of investing. Random investing does not help in specific goals. To understand the right stocks and right timelines for sectors, a beginner’s guide and a little brushing up will go a long way in your investing journey. You can start with the online trading platform to understand at least one segment of the market. There is a lot to know about the nitty-gritty of the market that you need to polish with time. If a person enters the world of stock market without a proper understanding of it, they may lead to high possibility of losing major amount of money at once.

First of all, you need to be clear about the following points regarding investments:

1.  Your Investment Goals

Know what you want. Is your goal capital appreciation to beat inflation or to earn a passive income through dividends? Your goal can be anything like funding your children’s higher education, your retirement, buying a house, or buying a car, etc. The bigger the goal to achieve, the longer the time frame. Thus, a clear objective will help you decide how long you need to remain invested to earn the returns you want.

2.  Your Tolerance for Risk

You have to gauge your tolerance power to take risks. Investing means potential returns against risk. No investment in the stock market is absolutely safe. Even you cannot say how long an investment will favor you. Therefore, better to know your risk tolerance level before investing and take calculated risks only.

3.  An Online Brokerage Firm

Choosing a stockbroker is one of the most significant steps to enter the stock market. As we already know about the pre-requisites of investing in the stock market – Demat and Trading Account. Your investing goals and trading style will help you to decide on an online broker. An intraday trader needs to open trading account with advanced facilities; in contrast, a long-term investor can open a basic trading account known as a low brokerage trading account.

4.  Business You Understand

Do not invest in a stock but invest in a business. When you choose a company to invest in, you should gauge its business. Invest in an industry that you understand because it will help you relate the business with economic conditions. 

5.  Trading Psychology

A trader’s mindset is the most crucial factor in stock trading in India besides evaluating a company’s fundamentals and determining patterns and trends. Trading psychology involves emotions, the thinking process, and exercising discipline. Investors need to overcome their fears and greed.

Thus, stock investments depend on your risk-taking abilities, financial objectives, and overall knowledge of the market. Once you have a clear vision about the points mentioned above, you need to work and be confident enough in the following areas:

1.  Fun21damental analysis

In the financial world, fundamental analysis is the way to evaluate stocks’ value and study the factors that can influence their future value, such as assets, liabilities, and earnings of a business. Financial statements of a business and industry trends are used for financial analysis. Easy-to-use tools for the fundamental analysis are Dividend payout ratio, Earnings per share (EPS), Price-to-book ratio, Price-to-earnings ratio (P/E), Projected earnings growth, and others. It will help you determine whether a stock is correctly valued in the market or undervalued/overvalued.

2.  Technical Analysis

Technical analysis focuses on the historical price trends of the stock instead of stock valuation through the company’s financial statements. Stock charts are followed to identify patterns and trends that predict a stock’s performance in the future. Thus, it analyzes past prices of stocks to predict future price action using indicators like price and demand.

Now using polished information, you can think about participating in the stock market with informed decisions. These may be quite deep topics for beginners, but necessary to understand. It is better to study them than losing hard-earned money.

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